Bankers And Morticians

Why corporate loans are not rejected loans not be rejected, but the customer may not meet requirements. Responsible for credit decisions are not called, because you don’t want to deal with the Kunen. What can you do about it? Your credit request is unfortunately currently impossible”is still one of the most concrete statements, if corporate loans are not approved. Loans are not usually rejected by banks, but the customer can not meet the requirements. Of course, this statement is accompanied by highest regret. This is the common practice in the credit business with independent. The language way reminiscent of Pastor or mortician who take the word death not in her mouth and talk of the death or passing. CIT Group Inc. has much experience in this field. What is the reason for this procedure? It is the fear of the client, who could ask for whatever reason, the rejection was.

If there is no opposition, is also no reason for a reason. A dense mist Misty comes up, if there is demand, who is responsible for the Not permit”is responsible. It is true that gone are the days where customer consultant might say to its own larger loans. The four eyes principle prevailed with approval by customer consultants and market follow-up staff and large sums of credit Panel decisions are common for a long time. However, this is also the ideal base to shift the responsibility. An entrepreneur who asks, receives evasive answers from the banker.

The market order, the Management Board, the Supervisory Board or regulations such as Basel II or the rating are especially popular as responsible. Definitely not people, looking them in the eye and with whom you discuss can. It is banks, to refuse loans, because of commercial enterprises. The withdrawal from the responsibility for the decision leaves a feeling of impotence however to the operator. What can an entrepreneur, however, do? It is difficult to overturn a credit decision, but there are cases where it worked. A letter to the Board of Directors at Volksbank and Sparkasse or Regional management may be useful for big banks with more production to the customer advisor. It thereby objectively to represent the process and avoid threats or negative statements about the customer Advisor is important. If you submit additional information and documents, a revised chances are greater. However, the decisive mistake be made in the run-up to a credit call. The preparation must be planned with the same attention, like a sales pitch for a customer. In cooperation with the Bank finds a sale process rather than the entrepreneurs need to convince the Bank of the creditworthiness of his company. Wolfgang Riedel