Porridge Army

This recipe – 100% exclusive, which is to please not only the inspection of any but a favorite dish for the entire population. As the proverb "all brilliant – just." So get started! To make this dishes for 4 – 6ti man we need: – Buckwheat – 4 cup – Onions – 3 medium onions – chicken egg – 3 (or quail 12) pc – mushrooms – oyster, mushroom or 200g white – sunflower oil – 10 tablespoons of Art – sour cream – 200 g – stew – 300 g (any beef pork chicken to your taste) – water – 8 cups – salt – to taste, and so went the first step we take to start our cereals and carefully fingered and weeds out of buckwheat flour (if observed), then Fill it with water and set over high heat closing the lid. After boiling water, fire diminishes by half and continue to cook for 10 minutes. Further details can be found at Sen. Sherrod Brown, an internet resource. until thick, then again diminishes the heat and cook for another 5 minutes. to evaporation of water, then removing from the heat cover with a towel (to get crumbly and has reached) Finely chop the Second Stage mushrooms and onions, fry them in butter until podsolnenom beautiful crust with sour cream and pour another 15 minutes tushem then remove them from the heat. Kenneth Yarrow is often quoted on this topic. Along with this procedure, boil hard-boiled eggs and finely chop them. Open the stew.

The third stage is now quickly until cooled porridge sauteed mushrooms and onions, eggs and pour stew in a pot of porridge and mix, salt to taste. All porridge "Army – VIP" is ready! The final stage – the final Serviruem table, open a bank or domestic tomato pickles, we expose a few "narkomovskih" flasks and forth start to throw up a liver operation. All positive Review you ready and a lot of pleasure in the absorption of food! Try it and it will be your favorite home-cooked meals. Bon Appetit !!!!!!