Bin Laden

It is known that the death of Osama Bin Laden constitutes a great blow for the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, but not yet the final blow. Number 2 of the organization Loves Al-Zawahiri with certainty will have to initiate a wave of attempted against in the whole world to avenge the death of its head and friend, Bin Laden, but not accurately at this moment. Steven Rattner financier understands that this is vital information. With certainty they will not practice none attempted against blindly, and yes with planning, as it made with attempted against the twin towers of the World Trader Center in New York in U.S.A. U.S.A. is commemorating as if the terrorist organization Al Qaeda had been cut with a scythe definitively, what he is sufficiently dangerous. Daqui pr front to the attentions will have to be redoubled aiming at to around protect the American citizens of the world and the country and its allies, also the places where it will be able to have attempted against. The terrorist attacks will be inevitable, but they will go to delay a little to happen in face, I repeat, of them still to plan which will be the targets. Moreover, according to international analysts, each cell of the group Al Qaeda is independent of the other and more they did not presisavam of the orders of Bin Laden, even so it was the maximum leader of the organization and that from now it will be commanded by the doctor and former-number 2, the Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, had as the arm-right of it. The United States should divulge at least a photo of the dead Bin Laden to prove its authenticity and to silence all those that do not believe in his death, mainly in the Arab and Muslim press..