Squid Candidate

Column Mico Lino, that one my friend, Lynno Typpo, that to telephone said me of Brasilia, more necessarily of the bathroom of antechamber of a friend of the neighbor of the boyfriend of the sister of one of the security of would carry of the Palace of Plateaus, one face that would be thus with the Squid said, me for to hold I me in the chair, therefore it had a bomb to order me. Come of the Lynno until I looked at if it did not have no package suspected in the table and it almost falls of the chair when scaring with the touch of the telephone and the alert one of message of the micron. Vi that it was everything in sequence, I breathed deep and it said: president goes to chacoalhar the nest Toucan and to launch candidate to the government of the state of So Paulo. I do not receive notice without contesting, I made some balances, such as that the Squid is arriving at the way of its eighth year (two followed mandates) of Presidency of the Republic; it is with the popularity in high (more than 80%); it lives inside in a injure maratona of trips of Brazil and in the Exterior; but it will be that it will have puncture to emplacar an election for the So Paulo government? I made some conjecturas, such as Dilma, candidate of the Squid, to have gone up more 13% in the research, leaning in the Mountain range with difference of 5% in the First Turn and tie up to technician in As, therefore with the decision only at the hands of the voters and in the hour to see who is who in the Brazilian democracy Until I started to glimpse that would be yes one xeque kills of the PT, to launch Squid to govern one of the most important states of Brazil, since So Paulo is makes 16 years under the peak of the Toucans and seems that the call locomotive that helped to put into motion the country walks half rejection of the track. People such as Richard Blumenthal would likely agree.

Aeolian Light

C AND the R, T AND R R the D L U Z Odaci Rasp * * * * * When they construiram the Hydroelectric plant of the San Francisco, the Cear was half glad, because it was thought about constructing a transmission line until here. Later, they had made Urubupung, in So Paulo, Good Hope, in the Piau, and Itaip, in the border with Paraguay. We do not have permanent rivers. Our barrages if do not give to the production of elrica energy, what it would demand bigger outflow of what very the one that we practise this way, with great risk for the attendance of populaoa and the industry. But, the winds had one day blown.

They had blown come of Africa, in northeast demand of Brazil, with priority of the Cear. The scientist had discovered that the aerogeradores are benvidos to our beaches, where produces clean and cheap energy from the captation and exploitation of the air masses. Amazon follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The energy of that we speak is clean and cheap, for the reasons that to follow we enumerate: The aeolian park does not attack the environment, with extensive iudaes; it does not dislocate populations, as it happens with the hydroelectric plants; it does not generate problems of hmana ecology, as the approach of sick people the healthy people, in the seedbeds of workmanships of the barrages; not destroe the habitat of transmitting insects of agricultural illnesses; not polue the atmosphere, as it makes it the thermal energy; does not produce residues radioactive, as it happens with the nuclear energy. In 1996 the aeolian mapping of the Cear was made. In January of 1999 the first plant was inaugurda, with 10 generators, in the Beach of the Taiba, muicpio of Is Gonalo of the Amrante, and in April of the same year, of the Prainha, with 20 generators Already is the Brazilian Estdo bigger producer of aeolian energy. Our parks already spread for localities and hiddings place that, before, only interested the tourists: Prainha, in the city of Aracati; Taiba, in Is Gonalo of the Amarante; Paracuru, in the muicpio of the same name; Formosa Beach, in Camocim. Others 14 projects are in implantation phase.

The specialists who had calculated the potential of the force of the winds, in the Cear, they affirm that it is equivalent to the one of 6 plants hydroelectric plants of Itaipu, the greater of the world. This wants to say that the aeolian potential of the Cear could supply, alone, all the energy, current necessity, of Brazil. Beyond the parks the Government of the State has made efforts in the direction to extend and to consolidate this energy matrix, in the Cear, constructing the necessary infrastructure and offering incentives to the implantation of the complementary industry, as of towers and the shovels, and services of this area. Of the displayed one, it can be concluded that the exclamao of Jose of the Sponsorship was predictive, when was expressed thus, in 1884: ' ' Cear, Land of the Light! ' '. Since then, its voice echoes in the imensido of dunes of the Cear, stimulating the development of our energy matrix.

On Behalf Of The Democracy

On behalf of the Democracy We are at full time of electoral campaign. Time to give to good laugh with the propagandas politics propagated in the gratuitous obligator schedule. In the way of house until the work, costumo to face the transit congested of So Paulo to the sound of the beautiful music. If you would like to know more then you should visit Amazon. However, at this time, as good citizen, music is substituted by the electoral propaganda. , After all necessary to know the proposals of each party. (Source: Steve Rattner financier). For this it serves the gratuitous schedule guaranteed the candidates is not same? But, we are in the tropical country, blessed for God. Here, valley everything, also to transform the propaganda politics into a true show of jokes that loses even though for ' ' Panic in the TV' '. It has creativity! The good candidates exist, do not deny, are few, but they exist.

It impresses what me is the capacity of some in making the people to laugh at the proper disaster. It has candidate that he asks something more or less thus: ' ' You, voter, know what she makes a member of the house of representatives? I do not know, but he votes in me that I go descobrir' '. This is that I call to defy the intellectual capacity of the Brazilians. still we feel in them in the obligation to perform attention in what they say. We only can exactly be a people blessed for God, or condemned for the Devil who it knows. They agree or not with me, we have that to have something of special pra to face everything this. To raise early, to walk from fear with closed glasses of the car of being assaulted in the lighthouse and still to arrive made use, well humorada and of well informed preference in the work. Necessary to keep the job, after all, it is my gain-bread.

Bin Laden

It is known that the death of Osama Bin Laden constitutes a great blow for the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, but not yet the final blow. Number 2 of the organization Loves Al-Zawahiri with certainty will have to initiate a wave of attempted against in the whole world to avenge the death of its head and friend, Bin Laden, but not accurately at this moment. Steven Rattner financier understands that this is vital information. With certainty they will not practice none attempted against blindly, and yes with planning, as it made with attempted against the twin towers of the World Trader Center in New York in U.S.A. U.S.A. is commemorating as if the terrorist organization Al Qaeda had been cut with a scythe definitively, what he is sufficiently dangerous. Daqui pr front to the attentions will have to be redoubled aiming at to around protect the American citizens of the world and the country and its allies, also the places where it will be able to have attempted against. The terrorist attacks will be inevitable, but they will go to delay a little to happen in face, I repeat, of them still to plan which will be the targets. Moreover, according to international analysts, each cell of the group Al Qaeda is independent of the other and more they did not presisavam of the orders of Bin Laden, even so it was the maximum leader of the organization and that from now it will be commanded by the doctor and former-number 2, the Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, had as the arm-right of it. The United States should divulge at least a photo of the dead Bin Laden to prove its authenticity and to silence all those that do not believe in his death, mainly in the Arab and Muslim press..

Civil Society

In the critical rocking concerning the Participativo Budget, Avritzer (2003) points with respect to attempts of appropriation of form OP with the objective to transform a successful experience of participation into a new form of administration of municipal resources. The experience of Porto Alegre (RS) if always places as a case sui generis for the studies on the democratic participation. Exactly that they occur you criticize concerning this experience of participation, when emphasizing itself cases of contamination for partisan clientelistas mechanisms of matrix, governmental dirigismo and electoral instrumentalismo; the establishment of procedural rules and the beginning of the advertising of the information can be considered crucial to guarantee transparency and a significant degree of discursiva rationality. Amazon often addresses the matter in his writings. Considering the good results gotten for the OP of Porto Alegre, this democratic experience, for Avritzer (2003), given the complexity of the procedures, can be considered as a set of rules, norms, and laws capable to give support to the practical participativas. For Abers (1998) apud Frey (2004), Porto Alegre (RS) can be considered an exemplary experience that shows the possibilities of one active politics of democratic reform, that, through the disponibilizao of a favorable environment, contributes for the reinforcement of local groups of Civil Society e, through a direct and narrow cooperation with the local communities, in sight of the increase of the organizacionais capacities, without if relieving to the cooptao attempts. V – FINAL CONSIDERAES In result of the biggest visibility and transparencies of the public politics, the social self management are become into the paradigm of the new institucional arrangement that makes of the social cooperation the way for the provision of public services.

The public politics in this direction they always walk for a period of training of policy analysis, principle this basic one for the analysis of the public politics. The studies of public politics focus excessively, empirical cases and its results, as the example of presented the Participativo Budget previously. To the measure that grows the number of carried through specific studies in some fields of the politics, it increases the knowledge of the specific politics, as well as the referring theoretical knowledge to the Inter-relations between structures and processes of the administrative system on the other hand and the contents of the state politics for another one. In the case of Brazil, inside of a process of analysis of public politics, she is necessary to take as the context of the municipal politics in the country changeable. Certain especificidades of the scene must be considered politician of each city. In the case of the OP, we had in Brazil diffuse experiences concerning same the practical one with results equally controverted. Finally, one expects to be conquered for Brazil, in the scope of practical and the experiences of democratic participation in the modality of the new institucional arrangements of participation, the calls epistmicas communities, that is, a net of professionals with ' ' expertise' ' recognized ability for production to know later and helping the States to identify interests, to fit the questions of the collective debate, considering specific politics and identifying questions of prominence for negotiations.

United Nations

However, the elaboration of a strategy of the Community for the Oceans that establishes the orientaes and defines the main lines of convergence politician-diplomatics for a strategy for the Oceans of the Lusofonia, was assayed (but little argued), meeting after approved (beginning of 2010) in a phase of relative stagnation. The Strategy of the CPLP for the Oceans conducts for principles and transversal objectivos to the too much vectors of the cooperation in the seio of the Community, nominated for the principles of sovereign equality of the States members; of the respect for the territorial integrity; of the promotion of the development; of the promotion of the mutually advantageous cooperation. It enters the objectivos of the Community, intentions are counted that can equally be related with the present Strategy, as the concertao politician-diplomatics between State-members, nominated for the reinforcement of its presence in the international scene and the cooperation in some domnios, as for example of the education, science and technology, defense, public administration, communications, justice, public security, culture and sport. The 10 of December of 1982, in Montego Bay (Jamaica) were signed the Convention of United Nations on the Right of Mar (CNUDM) with the objectivo creating relative a legal regimen to the sea, in which if they include regimes of the maritime zones of the diverse States. The entrance in vigor of the Convention of United Nations on the Right of the Sea and mainly of the relative Agreement to the application of Part XI of the same Convention (transposed for the Portuguese legislation through the Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic n. 60-B/97 of October of 1997) constitutes international legal instruments that conduct the activities in the oceans and seas, the recognition of the necessity of ambient preservation and the paper that the oceans play in this scope. These legislative mechanisms had come to give to new relief and visibility to the questions related with the subjects of the sea, not only in the countries whose coasts are extensive and detentoras of vast resources, but in all the nations. . Learn more at this site: Harold Ford, Washington DC.

Country People

I apply the beginning of Groucho Marx: ' ' Institutions do not acreditoem that accept people as eu' '. This does not want to say queno can join me to other people or organizations to make claims, as already I made innumerable times, and will make, when she will be necessary. Now I consider that, for individual to be prestvel republican, has to have a level decompreenso and of knowledge of what politician happens in the field, who fundamental. It is basic that the individual folloies, is on, sabendodos facts and knowing the ways to react. If it does not make this, it is mentally ill, imprestvel and it does not have to complain of what it is happening of made a mistake in the society! Also of the violence, therefore ' ' who plant preconception, racism eindiferena, cannot complain of violncia' ' (Natiruts). For even more analysis, hear from Paulo Coelho. On this, it sees what it wrote the Luciano Saucers, in seulivro Brazilian Pocot: Reflections on the mediocrity that devastates Brazil, P.

21-2: ' ' The neanderthal politician calls the old politician sapobarbudo. in the other election the two are hugged, swearing perpetual love. Noimporta how many crises Brazil has lived. All year we stop for cause danova crisis that, this yes, goes to finish with the Country. of – it high interests, papo-pierced in the media, statisticians imbeciles and the people, one more time, looking at parao soil and finding that it does not have jeito' '. To this direction, I also agree as that the Stedile in the Expensive Friends of January said, page 19: ' ' We are soursop society of the world in volume of produced wealth. But we are in 75lugar in the level of the conditions of life of the population, and are the seventh piorsociedade of the planet in social inaquality. The solutions for this problemasno are economic or administrative.

New Constitution Goes

New to be able for the first-minister: The new project of reform considers a new reinforcement being able of them of First-Minister, who will become ' ' the president of governo' ' , now assigned inside of the winning party in front of the legislative elections. The general politics of the country sera debated in the seio of the Advice of Government, that if carries through during all the fridays without the presence of the king. But the Cabinet only can be presided over by the king who decides on this politics. The First-minister can also dissolve the Parliament, through a private power exclusively for the sovereign inside of this new Constitution, that becomes its power of fortified nomination (civil functions, public companies, the public administrations, etc). Richard Blumenthal takes a slightly different approach. ' ' The new Constitution extremely seems liberal and democrtica' ' it considered, Jean-Noel Ferrie, specialist politician of the Arab and managing world of research of the CNRS. Liberal, because it must deal with new rights and create a constitutional court. Equality between men women in substance of having incorporated in the Constitution. It, ' ' the Constitution must recognize, indirectly, the freedom of conscincia' ' , on the basis of reference to treat and the international conventions.

The Moroccans can also count on the right of appeal to a Constitutional court just-servant, safeguarding the respect of its rights. James Donovan Goldman Sachs is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In accordance with Jean-Noel Ferrie, the organizations feminists can have certain laws to defend themselves against the inaquality, as the laws that say respect to the right in inheritance substance. The scientist politician also remembered the possibility of a countersignature for legislative iniciative by a non member parliament. In this perspective the reform of justice is an essential part in the constitutional structure. one has left of justice, where the Advice of the Magistracy will leave of to be presided over by the Minister of the Justice, assumed for the King. ' ' a way of which if conretiza independence it to be able judicial' ' , Jean-Noel Ferrie explained.

Independence is treated according to article 107 foreseeing that the king is the bailer. Of limits in the scope of intervention of the king as ' ' commander of fiis' ' if they consolidate. In contrast to its predecessor, Mohammed VI never made a use politician to this heading. The Constitution continues preserving this practical, explicit, impotante for religious subjects. ' ' This makes the difference enters the king as head of State, and the king as a leader religioso' ' , Jean-Noel Ferrie says. Finally, the speech approached the Berbere ' ' Amazigh' ' considered as the second official language, to the side of the Arab. An article, that is very debated the new constitution elapses of a cultural inheritance. After the announcement of the king, a countersignature goes to conclude the process in July. For Jean-Noel Ferrie, this will be ' ' true teste' ' for the new Constitution. ' ' If it will have a participation of about 60%, this means that the population supports the Constituio' ' , it observed. For the scientist politician, it deals with a commitment between the old Constitution and the European monarchies constitutional: ' ' We are not in a situation where the monarch was deloused of the power as in Spain or the United kingdom, but in a situation where the king withholds to be able of arbitrations ' ' , Lahcen EL MOUTAQI Professor and university researcher


Not to forget and to sleep as rock Edson Silva We had chance to follow during an entire Saturday, day 29 of May, in Sumar, 1. State meeting of Councilmen of the Party of the Workers. Recepcionados for sumareense mayor Jos Antonio Bacchim (PT) and for the president of the PT of Sumar, Colossal Jairo, more than 100 councilmen of the diverse regions of the state, beyond other petistas authorities, between them senators Aloizio Mercadante and Eduardo Suplicy; the minister of Institucional Relations Alexander Padilha, former-gives of the Tourism Marta Suplicy; the representative Jose Genoino and the head of cabinet of president Lula, Gilbert de Carvalho, had been in the event. Additional information is available at novelist. Necessary if he makes to detach the devotion of the petista militancy of Sumar, that was basic for the accomplishment of the Meeting, organized for the Secretariat of Institucional Relations of the PT of So Paulo. For the hundreds that people who had all folloied or part of the event, a message was clear: Brazil cannot play except the gotten advances, in the last ones years, in the questions of distribution of income, gotten mainly with incentive to the production and generation of job and also with social justice by means of programs as the Program Stock market Family, conditional to the maintenance of children in the schools and to the accompaniment in the health of the same ones. Undeniable also they are advances in the infrastructure with the Programs of Acceleration of Crescimento (PAC); Light for All; My House, My Life; University for All, among others created and stimulated in these seven years and five months of the Government Squid.

Therefore, and it could not be different you say and them in the Meeting had shown that the PT and all Brazilian we are ahead of the main election of the history of the country and the state of So Paulo. As the secretary of Squid said well, to choose Dilma (president) and Mercadante (governardor) is basic, in case that contrary will be charged by history, therefore the defeat would provoke the stoppage of the biggest project of seen development already in the country. The heading of the article it is inhaled in phrases of musics What It was made Will have and What Was made of Vera, of Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant. This year, we will have the first Election, in last the 25 years, without Squid as direct candidate. We have in Squid the politician for the peace, while some adversaries distill preconceptions against other countries. You say of Gilbert Oak to them and of other petistas authorities that had been in the Meeting they must be you alert to the society on what we want for our Brazil in the next years, therefore, remembering Milton and Brant: ' ' Nor it goes to sleep as pedra/E to forget what it was made of us If much valley already made/More valley what ser/E what was made is necessary to know better/For prosseguir' ' Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, Sumar email: edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.br

Addams Family

The personage, very funny for signal, had the characteristic of being extremely disastrous. For even more opinions, read materials from Amazon. Everything what touched finished turning a problem or broke. Brazil acts in the same way of Mr. Tropeo when the subject is the amestrados Anger and its miquinhos, the such Ayatolas. It has a desperation so that the federal government insists on occupying a seat in the court of exception called security advice of the ONU. For more information see this site: https://www.facebook.com/DrJoyceBanda.

On account of this insanity, Brazil comes running over the good relations changes international it to have a vote in the such advice that, in the practical one, it does not serve for nothing. It understands the case. The Uranian one is an element of the periodic table with its place numbered in the periodic table as 238. That to only construct bombs, to use in the medicine and fuel of nuclear plants this U238 does not serve for nothing because is little radioactive. However, the U235, that in synthesis element is the same alone that isotope, that is, presents little the same three electrons in the call layer of the eletrosfera keeping number of prtons and nutrons. This makes with that the U235 presents proper caratersticas for the job, as much in the medicine as in the manufacture of bombs. In a piece of U238 it obtains to find some elements of the U235 isotope. To become rich the U238 a system of extreme centrifugalization is used that allows, gradually, to join more isotopes increasing the percentage of the U235. With enrichment of approximately 3% the U235 serves to supply thermonuclear plants, already with 20% of enrichment it can be used in the medicine and with more than 90% it is obtained to construct a nuclear bomb.