BookBiz Master

Then these fees you pay the partner. And the buyer can not even buy once it came, and through time – and in this case, the partner without the 'bread' will not. Because information about the partner is usually stored for a year (in Cookie). Affiliate Program BookBiz Master 2.0 has two levels. "What does this mean?" This means that receive compensation may not only those who you refer customers, but also more and those who lead you PARTNERS in affiliate program. You yourself nastraivate or not to use your affiliate program for of a product and how many levels (1 or 2). Each partner has its own account, you have control panel on your account, where he can see the statistics, find the affiliate links and promotional materials. All operations Accrued commission automatically.

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As you may have read about komilyatore protected information product requires a special key on every new computer. Naturally, this only gives you the key to their customers. But you do not necessarily do it manually (as in other protection). Special online key generator itself will give the keys without your participation.