Parliamentary Committee

Verkhovna Rada to listen to the people? The Parliamentary Committee on Freedom of Expression and Information has approved a draft resolution number 8007 to conduct online discussion of bills on the website of the Verkhovna Rada. So Parliament plans to attract citizens to the statement on a number of bills of opinion which MPs allegedly intended to take into account when considering them. It is envisaged that the discussion will take anyone who passes the appropriate authorization. Author initiatives, an MP from the Party of Regions, Alexander Feldman believes that public discussion of the bills is one of the hallmarks of democratic society. Meanwhile, the results of research conducted by GfK Ukraine, the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian citizens believe that the government does not act in the interests of the people. According to 84% of respondents, those in power to ordinary Ukrainians have no case.

80% of respondents believe that their opinion has no value to the government, while 78% of respondents believe that they have no chance to influence what is happening in Ukraine. Glucose is any type of sugar that is found acquisition de viagra in the blood and is particularly the easiest way to obtain energy for ones body. cialis soft uk There are other problems associated with erectile dysfunction. The advantages of choosing to Kamagra, the best choice in Ed drugs you can make, online are given below:* Standard quality in least possible price* Secure ordering and payment* Fast shipping of products* Server is virus protected* Continuously offending IP viagra pills addresses are blacklistedBut it is recommended that anyone who has the condition visit urologist for examination, especially with the percentage of males with this sexual problem, yet coffee too. The methods engaged in this self-discipline are almost similar from Mistsoe’s Kenpo Jui-Jitsu. tadalafil tab And, finally, 83% of Ukrainians believe that most government officials enriched at the expense of ordinary people. The total population of frustration can lead to skepticism about the idea of people online discussion of bills. Commentary Fund "People First": The initiative deputy O. Feldman deserves appreciation as a step toward democracy. The more open and transparent Parliament to act, the more likely to raise people's trust in authorities in general. On the other hand, everything is fine understand that the discussion of the bills – this one, and a valid account people's opinion – is quite another.