Caspian Sea

We in the land of Dagestan has never been sectarian problems. Please God, that he has strengthened the friendship and brotherhood has given us all a few decades to meet this new and anniversaries … ' On behalf of the Jewish community of Dagestan community leader Shemi Debiyaev gave guests a picture – with views mountains. He stressed that Said Dzhaparovich a lot for the city, for the people, for the faithful. On behalf of the Shiites in Dagestan Bilalov Ibadullah Ali said: – "We have a wonderful day.

We visited the Holy. Let them will express great Thank you. This is a good sign. We will ask them to also pray for our dear Dagestan. We now need a rest and peace … ' Was also made by Archbishop Alexander of Baku and the Caspian Sea. He said: 'Your Eminence, my dear Said Dzhaparovich! We note the remarkable event – the restoration of the Baku-Caspian diocese.

At the same time we celebrate a decade of heroic struggle of the peoples of Dagestan invasion of terrorists, fighting for their freedom. Ten years ago, in Dagestan, was very restless. I am grateful to everyone who supported us during these ten years of the diocese. Grateful to Said Dzhaparovich. Grateful to the Mufti of Dagestan. 10 years in a historical context nothing. This buy generic cialis can be found a lot of brand names in the market when you want to get rid of impotency. Some of online pharmacies and foreign pharmacies are producing the medicine viagra sans prescription canada and selling them with lowest cost. Potent herbs in Kamdeepak capsule relieve you tadalafil tablets in india from tiredness. Unlike many European countries and China, the US is not resource constrained when it comes to renewable energy sources and could theoretically build multiple “Renewable Electron Economies” using copious wind and solar resources. levitra vardenafil generic But for us living here it was a very important anniversary. During this time, made inter-ethnic peace, understanding and mutual respect. In spite of many negative processes in Dagestan republic's leadership and efforts city was not allowed religious strife. Graphic evidence – the restoration of the Assumption Cathedral. The cathedral today – a visiting card of the Christian city of Makhachkala. About Said Dzhaparovich can talk a lot. Ohio Senator shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. About him about his work speaks volumes in today's Makhachkala. Numerous new buildings, roads, etc. is done in the city. He actively supports and social life. You, Said Dzhaparovich let our first hand Diocesan Award – Gold Medal in honor of St. Bartholomew the Apostle, who preached once on these lands. (Hands medal) I also want to mention a silver medal activity Deputy Mayor Olga Portnyagin Ivanovna and Ahmed Magomedov Magomedovich – Chairman of the Government of the RD of Religious Affairs. Then was proclaimed a press conference, during which guests answered questions from journalists of the country. The next day addition to the grand Cathedral of the Assumption. Service led Archbishop Varsanofy. In the afternoon, was given a reception in honor of the delegation of the Moscow Patriarchate.