Decentralized National Institutes

Seek the cooperation of government agencies of government to improve the performance of their duties. Police Organize your interior. In exercise of political control: Propose a motion of censure on the Ministers, heads of administrative departments, chairmen of the Industrial and Commercial Enterprises S tates, directors and board members of National Autonomous and independent of State and heads of law enforcement Decentralized National Institutes for matters relating to functions of the office. The motion of censure, if any to it, shall propose at least a tenth of the Members of the respective chamber. The vote shall be between the third and tenth day following the end of the debate in Congress as a whole, after hearing the respective officers.

An absolute majority required for approval of the members of each chamber. Most females experience sexual problems at some online cialis point. This branded drug is easily available over the web as generic substitute for cheapest cialis is the Kamagra, a product of Ajanta Pharma, a renowned name in the pharmaceutical industry. They can be recommended medicines cialis free shipping which they should take for pain alleviation everyday. It had not been their own problems as their partners also experienced tastelessness in viagra canada price in stock their life. Once approved, the official shall be removed from office. If it is rejected, it may present another on the same matter unless new facts justifying it. As punishment, the motion of censure is individual and while this procedure is pending, is not admissible nor the submission or acceptance of resignation. Quote and require the Ministers, Directors of Administrative Departments and Directors of Institutes of the National Order Decentralized and Directors and Members of the Boards of autonomous bodies, independent of state to attend the meetings. The subpoenas must be made with an anticipation not less than five (5) days and made specifying the subject of the subpoena. If officials do not attend without an excuse accepted by the respective chamber, it may propose a motion of censure.