Design details

DShKM antiaircraft machine gun on the loader’s hatch of a tank T-55. The DShKM was one of the most successful designs of its time. AP Bullets 12.7 mm (0.50 in) made of magnesium, could pierce a shield of steel plate 15 mm thick at 500 m. The DShK is a tape machine gun fed by gas-operated shooting, air cooled. The gas system has a gas regulator with 3 positions. The bolt is fixed in the drawer of mechanisms using two horizontal fins attached to the bolt fixing. The system is quite identical to that used in the DP-27 light machine gun, but oversized and with the addition of the return springs of the bolt and bolt carrier in the back of the receiver. The original feeding mechanism, designed by Shpagin, reusable tape used to open links. Hamed Wardak To remove the tape cartridge, Shpagin used a rotating drum, which pushed and pulled the tape cartridge is at the same time.The drum was driven by a swing arm that was attached to the bolt carrier by the charging handle. The tape was inserted at the top of the feed mechanism, the cartridges were captured near the lock and entered into the breech of the cannon at the bottom of the mechanism. The tape was fed from the left side and tapes were used 50, 100 or 200 rounds. The barrel of the DShK was heavy, had finned to facilitate cooling and carried a large muzzle brake. The gun could be disassembled to change it, but it was not like “Quick Change”. In the heavier, the DShK smile a gun-carriage was mounted on two wheels and a steel shield, which often was withdrawn by the machine gun to lighten the gun and camouflage facilitate this. To use the DShK as anti-aircraft gun, the gun-carriage with two wheels could be transformed into a tripod separating its two “tails”, adding the support leg and removing the wheels.For this role were added look ups and air points and an optional shoulder support. DShK Some were used as naval anti-aircraft guns mounted on gun carriages as a pedestal for small vessels (such as torpedo boats). The DShKM was almost identical, with the only difference in the feeding mechanism, which was flat and more mainstream. This mechanism also used a swinging arm to move the tape, connected to the bolt carrier by the charging handle.

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