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Persian literature Persian literature in Afghanistan Afghanistan has experienced a sudden change during the last century. In the early twentieth century, the country suffered economic and social reforms that led to a new approach to literature. Hamed Wardak In 1911 Mahmud Tarzi, back in Afghanistan after years of exile in Turkey, began publishing a biweekly Saraj’ul Akbar, who was the first newspaper in the country, but in the field of literature and journalism began a new period change and modernization. Saraj’ul Akbar played a relevant role in journalism, and enabled a new channel to open literary poetry explore avenues of expression with greater social commitment. In 1930, after months of cultural stagnation, a group of writers founded the Herat Literary Circle. ” One year after the capital was founded another group called “literary circle of Kabul.Both became a bastion for traditional writers and poets, and modernism in Dari literature was marginalized social and cultural life. Three of the most prominent poets in Afghanistan at this time were Gharyan Abdullah, Abdul Khalil Ullah Hagh Beytat and Jalili. The first two received the distinction of Malek ul Shoara (Prince of Poets). Jalili, the youngest of the three, joined the Jorasan style, instead of the usual style of poetry Hendi. Likewise was interested in modern poetry, and wrote some poems in modern style with new semantic and emotional. New styles gradually found their place in literary and cultural circles, despite contrary efforts of the traditionalists. The first book of modern poetry was published in 1957 and Kabul in 1962 appeared in a collection of the same style. The first group was devoted to modern comprised, among others, by Mahmud Farani, Baregh Shafi’i, Solymar Layegh, Sohail, and Ayeneh.Later they were joined Vasef Bakhtiari, Asadullah Habib Latif Nazemi. Each of them joined their efforts to the modernization of Persian poetry in Afghanistan. Other notable figures were Ustad Behtab, Leila Sarahat Roshani, Sayed Elan Bahar and Parwin Pazwak. Poets like Mayakovsky, Yase Lahouti Nien and exerted a strong influence on the Afghan literature. The influence of Iranian and Yazdi and Ahmad Shamlou Farroj was so very important in prose and poetry. Prominent Afghan writers like Asef Soltanzadeh, Reza Ebrahimi, Ameneh Mohammadi, Abbas Jafari and Iran formed in receiving the influence of writers and teachers Iranians. Although Afghan writers have not been tested yet on the international stage as the Iranians, however, have a promising future.

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