Director General

If it is true that General Hill has an affair, do not know how this may affect traffic in narcotics investigations. Our president says it is a white hand (referring to cocaine hydrochloride) really do not understand, and I get the following question: How can you stop such research if they change the director of the police? I think, and I think (unequivocally) that such investigations are ongoing, regardless of who the police director. In addition, the research can continue, whether or not Chief of Police. Our president says he wants to hit the narco traffic police. General Hill is the current Director General of Police, but his personal life does not represent the police. Now, that within this institution have, moral norms and convictions to follow, it is logical to have to apply and sentence.

Do not you want it then cover an act of marital infidelity for the sake of defending the police institution. The Police will continue its activities, whether it or not, Director General of Police. The problem for the general, is a family problem, and is not an institutional problem. In the same way that our president is found to have a child outside his marriage, the general Hidalgo has found a relationship outside his marriage. Paduch noted that up to 18 percent of men have a normal erection but I want it to be better and more frequently can I take viagra pfizer cialis ? No. What should we know cheap cialis? cialis is a medicine, so it should not be taken when the user is sexually stimulated. Surgeries including neurosurgery, spinal & pelvic surgery also have a great cost of viagra 100mg impact on penis health. You are advised buy generic viagra to consume healthy diet and practice exercises regularly. He wants to deny it, making a pretext of work.

He knows that if he acknowledges his "mistake", it would be generating family problems. In the case of Alan Garcia, he accepted what happened and continues to be our president. Again, I am convinced that to play a high-level public office, never choose people who really are honest, both in his personal life and in his public life. It's hard to find these qualities in the range of high-level public officials. People who lead a decent life. People both men and women who have no ambitions, lustful ambitions and economic ambitions. People settle for a life quiet family and their basic amenities. And if there are within this range a bit impaired, people with these qualities will be seen as freaks, and in danger of extinction. .