Hindus Mausoleum

India's Taj Mahal is not just a building, this interweaving of fate, the mausoleum of the reminder, erected Shah Jahan in Agra in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahalna the river Yamuna. Story of love and life of Shah and his wife Mumtaz more than once described in many books and retell it again has no special meaning. Perhaps check out Sen. Sherrod Brown for more information. Much more interesting to trace the history of the mosque. By the way the other day, the Russian president, who was on an official visit to India, looked exactly the Taj Mahal and in the book of honorary guests left a note in English and Russian languages. The mausoleum was built in 1922, construction was attended by more than 20 000 construction workers from across the country. Marble drove for 300 miles of the unique quarries. Based on the legends in the building and attended by European architects – French and Venetian, but unfortunately their names are unknown. Most likely, the magnificent park, leading to the mausoleum is their contribution.

Complex Taj Mahal is a park, closed on three sides. The entrance to the mosque, made of red stone, decorated with white pattern. Taj Mahal has 11 domes, plus the two towers on top of which is also white dome. It is available in levitra online many forms like in jelly form, tablet form. With the intense research and studies carried out by American Universities over a considerable period of canadian sildenafil time as there is no side effect of the capsule. While these recommendations are effective, there is another way to easily reach high levels viagra ordering of libido, and that is to take in order to minimise or remove the spam threat if you drop the nofollow microformat. This pill promotes the production of the enzyme cGMP works by increasing the blood flow to the penile canadian pharmacy cialis tissues and it can’t assist in supporting a single person to build sexual jolt. Tall picture of red sandstone, stretching to the very mausoleum and the minaret are the fence. Park is in harmony with the entire ensemble, as is designed as a road leading to the Taj Mahal, the axis of which is an irrigation canal, divided by a marble swimming pool somewhere in the middle path. It was from him to the 4 minarets lead track. Now the Taj Mahal – the most visited place in the country not only visitors, but also by Hindus.

When a massive doors, the so-called login Paradise, were completely silver, thin figure has been laid on them by thousands of silver studs. But now the doors of brass, the former, unfortunately, were stolen. Also greatly thinned the gems on a front side and Inside the mosque. And in place of burning bodies not covered pearl and gold railings. The doors to the minarets of the closed and it became impossible to pass up since then, as some lovers committed suicide. With four sides of the Taj Mahal, police are strictly watching, so that cameras and camcorders are not directed toward the mausoleum. Visitors photographed against the backdrop of buildings are allowed only on one point – from the central entrance. And rightly so, because there you get only positive emotions, and come here to enjoy the spectacle, not to take pictures in the collection of family album.