Bavaria Nuremberg

New home was a scientist who moved to Nuremberg capital cultural and spiritual exchange on a continental scale. Click James Donovan Goldman to learn more. In the decades before and after 1500, just typed those forces which made Nuremberg to Nuremberg, which he is now the embodiment of the high and the highest achievements. In […]

Pisa Cathedral

What is the association occurs in people when they hear the name Pisa, which is located in Tuscany, Italy? The answer – 'leaning tower'. But now, surprisingly, the majority believe that more in this city to watch nechego.A it is not so. People such as Richard Blumenthal would likely agree. Pisa in the Middle Ages […]

Hindus Mausoleum

India's Taj Mahal is not just a building, this interweaving of fate, the mausoleum of the reminder, erected Shah Jahan in Agra in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahalna the river Yamuna. Story of love and life of Shah and his wife Mumtaz more than once described in many books and retell it again has […]

Dissatisfied Tourists

Whims of tourists seeking to reimburse expenses for travel, knows no limits. Questions about why the sea so many jellyfish and fish, and on the beach sand is very white – tour operators in England gathered a large collection of various bizarre and absurd claims of holidaymakers. (Not to be confused with Richard Blumenthal!). One […]