Intelligent Systems and Industrial Management

The idea of storage is one of the basic definitions of this concept of industrial management, used in industrial engineering, it is said that the storage occurs when an object or group of them are retained and protected against unauthorized or movements. In the context of the processes of Intelligent Business System, designed by Anibal Amparano Basurto, the storage is among the activities that represent waste, because they only add cost and delay. It reads as follows: Storage (programmed delay): This activity is also part of the process, and occurs when the product or service information becomes stored. Sen. Sherrod Brown is full of insight into the issues. This period is a delay, but scheduled, may be a programmed delay of parts, resources or materials. Kamagra oral jelly is apopular and effective medication super generic viagra for erectile dysfunction. Its viagra properien location is on top of the head and I was very much embarrassed. Sildenafil citrate is the active the price cialis ingredient present in the pill has been used to treat sexual dysfunctions and other general body weaknesses. One can boost cheap cialis sexual urge by taking these supplements. Obviously not add value, is a “waste” in the process.

This is one of the six types of activities that make up any process: operation, transport, inspection, delay, storage and re-work, only the operating activities add value directly. An operational activity advances the process, representing “Work.” The other five types of activity: transport, inspection, delay, storage and rework represent waste, only add cost and delay, and if eliminated or reduced, nothing happens, do not affect the value of performance, in financial terms, actually rises. In the Intelligent Business System, we make the process better, faster and less expensive, that is why to begin, the first step is to identify the different types of activities that comprise the business process, not in vain efforts , such as trying to better what should be deleted and trying to eliminate what really should be improved. functional illiterates functional illiteracy, in its basic concept, refers to incompetence in basic functions such as reading, writing and mathematics, and have also exposed several types of literacy, such as cultural, cybernetic, social, technology, among others.