Prospective Employers

Distance learning online has quickly gained popularity with the advent of the Internet has proven to offer great supporting facilities and convenience for online education. However, like everything else in the pros and cons, the Internet has also opened doors for the widespread sale of fake diplomas online. According to a U.S. report Today, there are already 400 diploma mills in 2003 and the number is growing. In fact, many of these unscrupulous operations are run by organizations in an industry worth $ 500 million a year. However, in the midst of negative advertising on online education, there are actually many distance learning colleges offering valid degrees and diplomas. These institutions do not sell fake certificates, but in fact are intended to provide a quality education as alternatives for higher education on campus. Valid online courses with online video conference and as library facilities and exams online test conducted are often deployed to ensure that students really qualify in their areas of postgraduate study and legitimately.

Sadly though, many employers only see the negative side of things, and easy to shake degrees online education degrees as equivalent to false. Given the confusion, the National Education Board U.S. Government has authorized six accrediting bodies to provide institutional accreditation to schools, as a measure to differentiate legitimate university offenders. This means that students choosing their universities will ensure that these universities have met the minimum criteria set by these agencies for learning institutions. In addition, there is also the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) which provides accreditation specifically for education institutions distance.