Knowledge in the Realm of Socrates

The kingdom of pataneria is around the point of view of slave societies. Slave society established a radical distinction between the word (people who speculate) and the fact (slave labor). Amazon understands that this is vital information. In everyday language we talk about theory and practice emphasizing the disdain for knowledge, compared to the ability of experience to solve everyday problems. The word theory goes back to religious origins: theora was the representative of the Greek cities sent to public festivals, or born with the sense of contemplate. Plato and Parmenides the Anund to logos, to reason, as a safeguard against instability and uncertainty in the realm of opinion – doxa "To the Greek philosophers, the virtues were something objective and certain knowledge consisted in the achievement of perfection – arete – for example in the shoe, the art domininaras to make shoes. Three factors came into play: innate ability, learning and practice. The moral arete consisted of the good life, which presupposed the prior knowledge of the property through self-knowledge, hence the maximum endorse Socrates Know thyself.

For government policy requiring the arete. We despise the knowledge and settled in the realm of the wisdom of his pocket, and as a result of this we request the services of a plumber when we have failure at home, garage for car repairs or professional hairdresser because we are looking into them their expertise. Likewise, we go to the dentist for cavities or fillings us to tailor to our Make a custom suit. levitra 20mg uk A counselor can help you cope with emotional issues that are causing relationship stress. 2. The effect of it starts in an hour purchase levitra and remains 4 to 6 hours of normal intercourse time. Just swallow the levitra 5mg pill approx. 30 minutes to an hour before intercourse. Bottom line: Before tadalafil canadian your relationship gets a big blow, you should consume Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules or consult a health expert openly. That is, we solve our successful approach contingencies to the extent that in our own manual of life are referred to these professions to meet those needs. However, at the moment we leave the realm of the purely practical, we are the difficulties. When it comes to framing the box for the living room of our house for example and yes to learn to eat to avoid gaining weight, being obese and multiply our risk of disease, learning to be tolerant and share the housework with your partner, or to respect a different opinion or who live with immigrants, it is necessary to forget that self-knowledge and personal effort and not have a guardian angel tell us at every moment what we do and guide us.

The rejection of the theory allows a person to drive a car because he has acquired the skill to master the machine, regardless if you have internalized the virtues necessary to drive without drinking alcohol or recklessly endangering the lives of others. It also allows a lawyer to practice law without knowing whether to use their knowledge to circumvent the laws, or a teacher to get his place without being the least amount of student learning. Is often masked by human error, due to lack practical values, rigor, pursuit of perfection, the theory that ultimately it remains a critical perspective on the work or actions that do. It is the realm of pataneria unable to see beyond the everyday and to deepen the hatred of the theoretical. In summer you have to fill places on the health personnel in hospitals instead of during the whole year and facilitate the templates holiday period throughout the year without running out of panels of experts, school-age children spend months off creating problems when both parents work and have no family support because the centers are closed. These are problems that are there and obededen the abandonment of moral arete, the pursuit of perfection, the involvement of the vocation, the undertaking. It's back to the point of view of slave society: limitense to the facts.