Canary Islands

So much prudence of those who rule countries in way of development and the opposite of developed countries, make us see how microbes before the might of an antibiotic; do not think that the microbes gradually become resistant to the bioticos.Think what the Spanish if used, ends up dividing the Basque province, the Canary Islands, the Asturian, Galician, Catalan, Andalusian and stop count; or that, if France lose to Bordeaux, which England lost to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and other colonies, what Germany would do if desmenbraran again his country. What has happened with Kosovo, then the haran with other countries and the applause of now will be in the future bitter tears, is the price of saying yes to everything that USA dares. Really I can’t imagine Spain divided into ten parts or more, but I reiterate, you must begin to establish clear rules against countries that divide, is a task titanica, but when you see your neighbor’s beard burn Yo no se if ever also will be divided to USA, Florida, California, Colorado, Michigan, Luisana and the other independent States. And that is not the golden rule, do not do what they don’t want for it. And is always the same, you demonize a village, lies of all kinds are manufactured, are elaborated tactics and strategies, the lie is structured as a truth unavoidable, then comes the blow bars and stars dress, they end up with any sovereignty and up we Venezuelans are not far that they separate to the Zulia with Lake, and that the historical unitthe stilt houses are only a utopia in the void historical of Venezuela, because these stilt houses are the origin of the name of the country. There are people that would lend themselves to perform these trapisondas, I’m not surprised, that they do not see more than purely commercial reasons, is even more pitiful. We already know what happens in the Zulia, it’s not even new, but the zuliano people unites it Venezuela deep ties that neither eternity may break. They will buy generic levitra love it, and it is proven that kids learn from hands on activities better than other activities. Therefore, it is advisable that you consume according buy viagra cheapest to your doctor’s direction. Narayana health has risen as the best hospitals in Delhi. buy cialis from india With happier sexual life, it purchase levitra online makes them feel younger in the bed and they can get most from their proficiency.

Has been a silent, passes invasion of a million Colombians that inhabit Zulia, notwithstanding that their children born on our land, do not cease to love his land, this is understandable, since that does not want his mother, less is going to want his stepmother. Other compomemtes are joined, they are traffickers, the Colombian paramilitaries, the alleged complicity with the dividing task that we would leave without our zuliano hinterland. I, Barquisimetano and Venezuelan, my wife is zulian and loves to Venezuela, put of example, because she even passes you by mind the idea of being an independent country. I write that the zulianos having the idea of secession, desist from these and join a national unity project, although they are against the current Government, in life everything is transient. Think that politics is like a chicken coop, today some lay on each other, tomorrow others as equal haran. In conclusion, I recommend to whom it may concern; national unity is something that typifies the individual, is not to be chauvinistic, isn’t that to defend the territorial unit defending yourself, there is your family, friends, classmates, co-workers, life itself.