Land Boundaries

Of course, we must first look in your documents – namely, a scheme of land boundaries. Most likely, the origin (these are numbers that determine the location of points of the rotation angles of the boundaries allotted to you on the site planet earth) you will not find it, because they are a state secret, but the so-called 'geo Callout' examine carefully. It shows the measure of lines or the distance between these points the angles of rotation. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs is likely to increase your knowledge. Draw on paper a scheme site, write accurately measure lines on this scheme, armed with a steel tape measure and head out on your site. If you have mastered the plot from scratch, find the pegs or metal pins that You once showed surveyors or land surveyors. In recent months, Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs has been very successful. If your site is many years old surrounded by a fence, you decide to change, identify its turns and corners with the scheme. Take control measurements. If you find all the pegs, or if the angles of an old fence clearly readable, ie, determined by visual in nature in the field with an accuracy not worse than 20 cm, and if your measurement differences do not differ from those contained in 'Callout geodata' more than 20 cm, you can safely call the neighbors and dedicate them to your building plans. At the same time and get acquainted, if not familiar. Most likely, the results of your survey to be less productive, and you find that some of the pegs had disappeared, and tumbled down an old fence did not conclusively determine where he was, this corner of the fence.