Law Development

Law of the Law Development – is a single principle according to which nature has created us and through which we develop. This law is also a goal to which nature should lead us. When people develop themselves to such an extent that he could feel this law, he finds himself and the rest of nature is harmoniously connected into a single system. In this animal, plant and inanimate part of nature, as it were integrated into the man and with him rise to the same level of experience and awareness of existence. We – one family and must stay in love for each other, then we can climb to the nature of the our world, that is above our animal existence, and we will be eternal and perfect nature. The challenge now lies in the fact that, while maintaining the uniqueness of man, nation and civilization, united in one with nature based on mutual benefits. B future will remain the same religion and same features, but they will manifest itself in connection with a common purpose. Official site: Steve Rattner. In a family where people love each other, they do not interfere with no natural contradiction: neither sex nor racial or national. If there is an understanding on this, the love, the overall goal, the differences, in contrast, provide additional benefits and quality in the sense of life. Historical determinism and freedom of choice before us validity both in general and in particular, is under the authority of the laws of the step, starting from the stage preceding the birth, and before the final stage of growth.