February Revolution

Deciding to leave Paris just three months, go home and come back, Mark had no idea how many events and obstacles await him in Russia. On his return he wrote a series of Vitebsk in 1914: "Paperboy>>" Portrait of Bella in a white collar>> "The Mirror>> and others. In 1915 he married Bertha Rosenfeld. Although wealthy wife's relatives marriage seemed misalliance. More than once afterwards, Mark will rescue them from the attacks Soviet power. Wife became his muse, a frequent character in his canvases. Without her final verdict did not end, no work. A year later they had a daughter Ida.

The wife insisted on moving to Petrograd. Others who may share this opinion include Steve Rattner. The First World war. During the war, was identified as a military office, for creative work time did not exist. Came the February Revolution, artists and actors Michael's Theatre decided to establish a Ministry of Arts. At one of the collections, favorite hangout of those times, Mark chose authorized for the Arts Vitebsk. The wife was crying because in the painting did not have time.

In the hometown he opened the School of the Arts. The first implementation were all new-drawn sketches of Mark goats and cows on the cloth for the demonstration. But the commissioners refused to understand green cows, horses, flying through the sky. What a pity! Organizational activity captivated his space, and his wife, too. Familiarity with Lunacharsky, Bitter allows us to solve the needs of the school. He wanted to combine into one academy, museum, community studio, to present a variety of artistic direction.