Living Foundation

Knowing that you can, there are always possible, out of the crisis. The important thing is that when one is in their own ranges (we all have every day) is up, operate, and give forward, and not be complaining in life. Enjoy life, be supportive. We were super supportive in the mountains and today we create among survivors Living Foundation. We are making an organ donation campaign-wide framework for South and want to pass the rest of the world. We are very grateful to life for kids who could not get out of there for a matter of fate would have it that they died and some others were saved. As we did in the avalanche. Those who were next to me died and I feel incredibly after witnessing the death and was saved.

The avalanche was the worst thing that happened to us. First we fell off an airplane at that time was the worst at first dead with cold, 30 degrees below zero, without snow equipment at 4000 meters high, with a shirt, a pair of moccasins, trousers and nothing else. The cold was terrible suddenly, after 10 days we learned that they had suspended the search and we were all condemned to die on the mountain. At first it was very shocking, I did not understand my family, my parents, the Uruguayan government, how we let so many left to die so young kids so eager to live. But then we came the avalanche was the worst thing that happened.