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Side impact five stars mean the danger is not greater than 5%, four – 5-10%, three – 10-20%, two – 20-25%, one – over 25%. NHTSA divides vehicles into categories Depending on their curb weight: The most "popular" category – compact (curb weight of approximately 1200-1500 kg), medium (1500-2000 kg), heavy (more than 2000 kg). Car Safety Ratings, published by the National Authority for U.S. traffic safety (NHTSA) is considered one of the most prestigious safety rating in the world. USA became the first country where the first time seriously concerned with product safety car industry. In 1972 U.S. Congress legalized the right of consumers to obtain information about the safety of various car accidents and maintainability after them. Supervision of the execution of the law charged just created if NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

Soon after crash-tests have become mandatory for all new models: toyota auris, car sales auto, auto business, volvo c30. And thanks largely to the work of the administration for thirty years, the number of accidents on American roads fell in half. That NHTSA has implemented a system crash – NCAP (National Car Assessment Program) and in 1978 began publishing the official reports and ratings. A little later, the Americans entered the security classification of vehicles by the stars (and not on points), for more clarity of results. Taking any sildenafil buy anti-allergic or other medicines. ii. Erectile dysfunction is a problem wherein men do not get sexually excited. free viagra tablet Generic Arimidex 1mg There are many sites which provide you the viagra wholesale uk same product. This whole process when goes in proper way make penile organ becoming viagra price erect with high quality. Crash tests conducted by America's more stringent rules than in Europe. SUVs and minivans are in separate categories. In addition, the cars vary from model year. On the one hand NCAP tests are more detailed than previously published European tests.

The rules are distributed mainly in used cars, nissan note qashqai, buying cars, car dealers Petersburg. However, this advantage, as not Paradoxically, an American model and the lack of tests. Since the budget is limited to NHTSA, the organization can not afford to carry out full tests of all models produced on an immense American car market. Therefore, NHTSA testing the machines, which foreshadow the great customer demand, the cars, the last restyling, or those machines which statistics are more likely to get into an accident. In our tables of stars replaced by the numbers. Not applicable data on individual tests of individual cars – just not our fault, because NHTSA conducts no comprehensive studies, but only tests on selected items, so that the set of these tables, what kind of car is the most safe, unfortunately not succeed. Nevertheless, the published rankings are an important argument for choosing a car for only U.S. consumers, because without the approval of the NHTSA, no car in the world will not run in Sale Rolf Khimki, Japanese cars, Mitsubishi, automarket, Volkswagen