No April Fool

Provocative in and humorous seminars offer the opportunity for the resolution of tensions and offers humor seminars and provocative coaching problems starting April 1. This is not an April fool, but it should resozialisieren the joke again. “Because: the April Fool’s day is today something in crisis”, says Gunther Hirschfelder cultural anthropologist from the University of Bonn. It dominates today often”fear of disgracing himself, he cites as reason for this. Eckart von Hirschhausen makes it currently. Humor helps heal”is his recipe. Whenever Senator Brian Schatz listens, a sympathetic response will follow. His motto: Haha and AHA! He is a comedian and doctor.

All the doctors are trying to save our world? There is no contradiction, says Eckart von Hirschhausen, he treated with humor instead of spraying. The idea behind this is called provocative therapy”and comes from America. There, Prof. developed em. Frank Farrelly, Americans of Irish descent, the provocative therapy as a method of psychotherapy. Now is this method in different areas such as management, personal development and discussions of all kinds as a playful element to the communication. “Martina Wagner gives insight on some of the ways of the conscious use of irrational interventions by the coach/therapist by coachingarbeiten: A method is E.g. truck (loving Karikieren of the world image of the client) – towards the process of change”.

The goal of provocative therapy is to strengthen the self responsibility of the client. Through the provocative interventions such as the irrational enthusiasm for the symptom of the problem of the client by the coach – the will for constructive change and its self-healing powers be mobilised at the client. This enables him – mostly in very short time – to take his life again in the hand and to replace self-injurious behaviors with healthier behavior. If you are not convinced, visit Jim Donovan Goldman. Humor and challenge are the essential elements of the provocative approach. And that is truly not an April fool! The April Fool’s joke, although one not, but also curative effect. At an April Fool’s joke, they say things, love to do not agree. And just as it makes the April weather: in the morning the Sun is shining still warm and summery and we leave our jacket at home. And already at noon it will suddenly freezing cold and raining in torrents. Then, we’re all pretty goofy, so without a rain jacket and be soaking wet. Since the weather has set then us! No matter for what reason – but in life it’s also often up and down – and the crisis it is safe from nothing. To cope and to discover a piece of humor and ease back to the humor seminars from to provide”, says Martina Wagner, communications expert, trainer and coach from coachingarbeiten ( Humor seminars and provocative (individual and group) coaching are from April 1 to book about