The first instructors of deaf pupils appeared in Europe in the 16th century. different methodologies of education, that if they used of the auditory-verbal language, language of signals, manual representation of the alphabet and other visual codes, being able, or not, these methodologies had been created to associate these different medias. From century XVIII, the language of signals sufficiently passed to be spread out, reaching success in the education of deaf person, as much of the point of view of the expansion, how much of the results that it propitiated, allowing that the deaf people conquered its citizenship. However, to break de1880 when 2 happened the Congress of Milan (Italy) adopted the oralismo, method that says considers it as the only one media in the education of deaf people. The oralista philosophy is based on the belief of that the verbal modality of the language is the only desirable form of communication for the deaf person, and that any form of gesticulao must be prevented. Since then, the possibilities of use of the languages of signals had been excluded all. At this time, many deaf people whom they used the language gesture-appearance had suffered persecutions (GOLDFELD, 1997). For the oralistas, the said language is indicated as indispensable for the integral development of the children with deafness.

However, the oralistas boardings had exactly suffered many critical ones for the innumerable limits that present, with the increment from the use of prteses. Another aspect to be developed by the deaf person, on the basis of this boarding is the labial reading. However, in accordance with Lacerda (2000) is very difficult for deep a deaf child, despite ‘ ‘ protetizada’ ‘ 3, to recognize, so precociously, a word through the labial reading. What it occurs in the oralistas techniques cannot be called of language development, but yes of exercise of speaks organized of formal, artificial character, with the use of the limited expression the occasions where the child is seated ahead of drawings, it are of dialgicos contexts, that in fact they would allow the development of the meaning of the words. Since then many new techniques have been developed.

Berlin Wage

Mr T.Sarrzian SPD BERLIN Nehmz the word! The dining plan inventor for unemployed gourmet and moonlighting advocates Thilo S. favourisiert personally five euro earnings per hour? Take him at his word! He would and wants to work for five euros per hour? That’s what I call a voluntary savings proposal of Berlin finance Senator. Here, someone with good example would go ahead. It deletes the diets and its emoluments and quickly puts him on the list of employees of the Red Town Hall. The Social Democrats and the left in Berlin, however, seek a nationwide minimum wage of 7.50 euros. Even for yourself? NET or gross? Conclusion: The minimum wage should be introduced in the House of representatives for the members. The equivalent of the minimum wage should be connected in addition provided monthly results of the deputies. (But then, they would probably supplement apply for services provided by the employment office.)

The Gardens

The Mexicans heard. And again go there and among sedges reeds at the edge of the cave. They reached the spot where stands the wild cactus there on the edge of the cave, and saw an eagle standing quiet in the wild cactus: there eat, eats there and made a cave the remains of what you eat. And when the eagle saw the Mexicans, he bowed deeply. And the eagle could see from afar. The nest and the seat was all fine few feathers are: tile feathers, bird feathers and red quetzal feathers.

And also there were precious birds' heads and feet of birds and bird huesoa stretched thin on the ground. He spoke well diosy said: "Aah, Mexicans, here it is: Amex is here And although they did not see who spoke to them, they began to mourn and say," Felices us happy at last, and where have we seen to be our city! ALet us go and come to rest here! Anonymous CANTO flowers open their petals upright light which extends aquatic moss, here in Mexico, placidly are widening, and amid the moss and the nuances are extended the city of Tenochtitlan: the spread and flourish makes god, has his eyes fixed on site like this, is fixed in the middle of the lake. Turquoise columns were made here in the columns were huge lake. It is God that sustains the city and takes in his arms Anahuac, in the vast lagoon. Netzahualcoyotl. "So I have to go, FLORES IS it expired? "So I go, like flowers that pass away? Nothing ever will be my name? Nothing will leave after me on earth? When least flowers, at least songs! How my heart has to work? Did we come to live in vain, to emerge from the earth? Only let go when they run out the gardens.

Learn To Love

Love is so important and yet we know so little about love. We believe that we love, that we love, when in reality we know little of true love. We exert a selfish love, believing that we love others and all we are doing is to satisfy requirements, shortcomings and limitations of our ego. There are two types of love, love for need and love by choice. The love for the majority of human beings need love by necessity. We love to fill our own emotional shortcomings. This love of need leads us to create our expectations of the people that we love since we need to be and behave in a certain way to fill those gaps that we have in our interior.

When those expectations are not matched we started judging those who love, since they are not meeting the objective, we are letting down or rather are letting down our ego, are not serving the purpose of calming our own fears, insecurities, frustrations and emotional shortcomings. Love by choosing the love by choice is the pure expression of love. True love, unconditional love. We love because we decided to love, without expectations, without judgments. We love the person as it is, without trying to change it or shape it according to our emotional needs. A love that does not need reason to exist and is simply. A love that expects nothing in return, that has no limits.

A love that is born within our hearts and overflows into all those around us. And you, do love by choice or necessity? You mad when people you love not do what you expect from them? Reprochas that housewives as do you for them and what they do for you? And it is that we cannot distribute and share what we do not have. How can love others with an unconditional love if there is that love within ourselves? We have been taught that you are to love our parents, our children, our friends, but to love ourselves is vain and how we intend to love others if we are not able to accept ourselves and? love ourselves? The first step to love unconditionally another human being is love ourselves unconditionally.

Purchasing Goods

Many trade companies conduct advertising campaigns: when buying such a product you receive a gift. But if you examine their financial statements, it appears that the cost of ‘gift’ is included in the price of basic goods. And the imposition of something in burden the law prohibits. The consumer buys a product with a ‘gift’-load – and a claim seeking compensation. In all the shoe stores hangs a warning that the claim must be submitted within one month from the date of purchase. But the law states that in relation to goods for which warranty periods or expiration dates are not set by the producer, consumer goods if the defects are found within a reasonable time, may bring claims within two years. You understand that the ‘reasonable time’ – loose concept.

Workshop in which you have given piece of fabric for suits, is obliged to reimburse the cost of lost material in the double size. Selecting studio with untrained personnel, we can get 200% profit if the suit is made of poor quality. In accordance with amendments of 1999, elimination of product defects must be conducted immediately. Imagine, for What does it lead? Immediately – it’s like? Within hours of the day, two days? It turns out that the buyer receives the legal right to claim liquidated damages at once. Even if the breakdown of complex products is a serious and objective of the seller could not provide. When returning goods, the buyer can not produce the receipt for his purchase – just witness the fact of purchase.

I know of cases where goods are bought cheaply in the market, and then, upon detection of defects in the surrender stores at a higher price. Of course, the seller can not agree on such an exchange, but it’s worth Torginspektsiey threaten it, as he surrendered to the mercy of the buyer – to check the store will bring a disproportionately large losses. visitors to achieve their even easier. By law, the plaintiff may require the consideration of litigation in the court of residence. Think about it – go there a lawyer in Moscow trading company in Vladivostok? Rather, the company will pay compensation immediately, so as not to suffer. If an unbiased reading of the above, then very likely you can draw the following conclusion: Become quarreler and you will have to respect in the service sector, by definition.

Weber World

Weber searchs metodolgicos and epistemolgicos aspects as instruments of scientific distanciamento for the accomplishment of the description and theoretical reconstruction of the empirical reality. It is compromissado with modernity. (Fraga, 1999, P. 71). In after-modernity, it has a bankruptcy of the rational project of the world.

(…) The modernity of a side to defend the autonomy of the man, but cannot open hand of the heteronomia while form of social domination. (…) Weber perceives that a desencantamento in the world due to the advance of the rationality occurs. The loss would be in relation to the mythical one, to the magician as bedding of the truth on the world and action: the fact, would not be a loss, in the conception of the word, but the exchange of metaphysics for the rationality. (Fraga, 1999, P. 72). Weber faces the rationality as a value that guides the social actions and that it consists as a domination form and, therefore, useful to the development of the capitalist system. Its conceptions concerning the bureaucracy and domination had become particularly fruitful for the understanding of the modern capitalist society, of the point of view of organizacional sight and of the power. (Fraga, 1999, P.

73). The world passes for deep cultural, economic transformations, scientific politics and. (…) the ethnic relations had moved, the relations politics had moved, the societies had become great markets and the State searchs to guarantee the minimum of functional direction while institution. (Fraga, 1999, P. 74). For Arendt, cited for Fraga, (1999, P. 71) the absolute and functional reason, but its revs means that if it institutes a crisis of ethical values, and finishes, finally, banalizando the life. The man can dominate all the things for the forecast; this corresponds to disenchant the world. (Fraga, 1999, P. 75). The economic impact of the liberal revolutions modified the profile of the modern society.

ICT Authorities

What have been some of the reasons that has led to this lack of quality in the education of these universities? We could point out among some: profiles of professionals ill-defined, not adapted to what reality requires absence of teachers with responsibilities, well-defined, involving quality in their knowledge, pedagogy, proactivity, innovation creativity, vision little integration in the relevance and scope of what the research represents, poor use of her, untying with the realities that the country faces untying with out-of-date programs of government programs of different racesUntying with sectors of health, business and even other universities inadequate utilization of the human capital of the talent of the University community absence of transformations required to ensure academic excellence poor service management absence in the authorities of an efficient education management weak administrative systems excessive bureaucracy waste of opportunities that will generate the linked and properly use ICT. Anchoring in racing offering already not suitable to the reality of the current scenarios. Specifically, the University authorities must commit themselves to restructure all the aspects that involocrua an academic quality assurance. In this regard, is interesting which indicates Vistremundo Aguila, that we have in mind, that to develop a process of evaluation and accreditation of the University, not enough quality with a philosophical or academic of the concept definition, it is necessary to define a concept of quality with certain features that allow you to: Be operational, i.e. be able to translate into easily manageable elements within a guide, model or assessment procedure. Covering of one form or another the substantive functions of the University Take implicit concept of assessment or appreciation. Be linked to the social relevance. In conclusion, the crisis faced by the Venezuelan universities where their quality of higher education has been affected, urge that the authorities commit themselves to rescue her, because the country before the turbulence that currently present need of well-trained professionals, taking into account that for example on this aspect says Fredy Hardy Wompner Gallardo, that vocational training should be repensada to resolve what they actually should teach in undergraduate and be able to separate important accessory, which will undoubtedly result in a restatement of the organisation of higher education. .

Political Campaigns On Facebook

Every day we see how political campaigns in different countries are using increasingly more to Facebook as a means of promotion, since the phenomenon Obama (who was one of the pioneers in making a massive political campaign with very good results using Facebook) today many political parties have decided to make their campaigns by this means, before seeing the pro and cons will see how it is that really works the majority of political campaigns on Facebook. Firstly need to understand that a political campaign on Facebook not only develops in one page of followers but in all pages related to the political environment of the moment (websites of other parties or candidates, some groups and various personal profiles of promotion), also have to take into account that while the number of followers of a Facebook page is also important must take into account other factors such as the interaction of these and the image in general that is taking the party or candidate in social networks, for understand more this part will then see the main actions of a political campaign on Facebook:-information – defense – attack r – information is the more correct way to carry out a political campaign, people want to know what are the proposals of the candidate or political grouping and interact with them, is the form more transparent to be able to achieve a political objective in social networksalso there are some modalities as discussions on a particular theme, informative about a proposal, etc. videos – defense serves to make different attacks from other parties or candidates, while an attack on another candidate is a bad thing and should be avoided this practice, it is a mistake to expect a successful campaign if our promotion only based on the information that must be taken into account that the attacks are a reality of the MiddleTherefore this action (defence) is to publish information supported immediately that refuted the slander or attack of the competitor. -The attack is an unethical action which seeks to intentionally discredit an opponent either by spreading false rumors or publishing any weakness of the same, this is an unethical and despicable action, however it is a reality that many political campaigns use it very often and ignoring them can make us to be victims of them, usually defense actions serve to counter this type of action. Perhaps many people such actions seem very common however remember that the environment in which develop is different: in this case in particular and social networks: Facebook between some of the advantages of this type of promotion are:-allows voters interact with the candidates and learn about more their proposals. -Create a community environment to common interests. -It allows to compare different proposals and forms of promotion of different political parties or candidates. -Lets you set very important personal and professional relationships.

-Socialize with like-minded people to the same political interest. Some disadvantages include:-some parties based their campaign on the smear and disinformation which can affect our perception of reality. -It can be an enabling environment for attacks among candidates not ethical. -SPAM and unwanted publicity (posters, logos, etc) excess – defamation both candidates and supporters. -Fights and negative comments between users of different political tendencies. Only time will tell if this new environment will be increasingly more used and it can become a real tool in order to build a community of electors or on the contrary be a swarm of SPAM, fights and defamation in social networks.

Democracy And Today Price

None of us, or possibly the undersigned so believe it, we can say that the concept of democracy still imperfect, it is the least bad system for good governance of the countries.However, the substance of a democracy, and to my modest understanding, is that, the citizens with their votes, have chosen, and for a period of time, seek to those that govern them: good, regular or bad, but that govern them and not cheat on them until the next general elections. When we are not compliant with the results of the votes, without a doubt, we will have to wait to return to vote for people that we believe best suited to represent us, and say people, not parties to whom today we are voting on in Spain. And it is that the first Government of Spanish democracy output URNs (July 15, 1977), was headed by Adolfo Suarez (true architect of the Spanish transition UCD).But in my humble opinion is He paid a very high price: the creation of the 17 Spanish autonomies, whose current Presidents regard them as Viceroys of new Spain: democracy had a price. I know that to accept our fledgling democracy born in 1978, and everyone we know, it was necessary to accept the establishment of 17 autonomies and two autonomous cities (Ceuta and Melilla), which have proved to be, economically speaking, disastrous for Spain and its citizens. What costly emerging us ones and others! And I repeat it: we have 17 viceroys in the Iberian Peninsula. Former President Adolfo Suarez, true architect of the transition. The Spanish Government actual-presidido by Mr Rodriguez Zapatero-, is undergoing very unfortunate moments in terms of the Spanish economy. Possibly, and on the eve of the upcoming electoral campaigns for the municipal and the regional on Sunday May 22 of this year, turno-Gobierno and opposition politicians will begin to tell white lies and half-truths, that they themselves will not believe them and, what is more regrettable, making them believe others: it has always been so democracy, price and today is an unfinished business very difficult adopted by the Socialist government politicians and popular opposition politicians: both have forgotten – because so wanted it for their own interests politicians-, which, no doubt, could have ruled and formed a coalition Government, and then Spain would not be weakened, financially speaking, as it is.

Archive Documents

Virtually all businesses in any institution for futile monitoring information on staff and is archived data and valuable documents in order to always be in good form, should be in good conditions. Specifically for this purpose are produced archival shelving designed for the preservation of large amounts of documentation, information and material values. Only this furniture makes it possible to know location of files for backup and keep them in the integrity and safety. Of what made this furniture? Most housing racks for the backup is made of specialized steel sheet of high quality. The fittings and equipment depends on the characteristics and narrow predestination, sizes and prices. Usually equipped with cabinets for the archive shelves that are height adjustable. As for metal doors, the usually they are equipped with locks to the new crossbar system closure. This furniture can be bought as already made models, both personally and on your order.

And in this case, all sizes, as well as functional features will meet your requirements. Archive Library shelves contain many nuances. Shelving for archives may differ durability, reliability and ease of use. Excellent appearance of such furniture attached polymer paint, which is the main surface of the body. Any advice on purchasing this type of furniture you can get from the manufacturer, at points of implementation, in shops and directories, which clearly is a full assoriment and you can easily, comparing different types and models, choose the appropriate for you.

Archival shelving for sale in Moscow today quite true! Indeed, the archive library shelves – convenient and necessary thing as in the workplace and in organizations with metal archive card indexes. These racks do not take up much space, but are roomy and durable. At the same time increased strength and water resistance allow them to place anywhere, nezavisomo of environmental factors. Save time and keep your office documents, as well as the value of safe and sound! This will give you the opportunity to have access to information and to keep their jobs in order.