A Snowy Breezy Incentive

The 6th int. Arctic balloon adventure in Gallivare brings cool joy Monchengladbach (ncb) since 2007 balloon rider teams from around the world set off in February each year for Lapland, where the northernmost hot air balloon adventure the world to take part. 2012 will be the 6th int. Arctic balloon adventure take place for the […]

Digital Cinema Advertising

Screen advertising is reasonably priced, larger than life and above all, she looks! The benefits of 3D advertising are obvious, on the one hand, digital cinema system provides an excellent impression of the image, on the other hand it is an exciting idea, the viewers the advertised product by the big screen down formally in […]

Katja Burkhardt

Funny action a professional optician makes Otto downtown green Magdeburg, March 25, 2010: eyeball optics will inspire the Magdeburg for the new spring-summer collection with an unusually witty action. The optician shop across the street from the Allee-Center will distribute in four days, a week more than 1,000 crisp Green apples in the Magdeburg city […]

Classic Christmas

Send Christmas cards? If Yes, then right. For more specific information, check out air jordan. Sending business Christmas cards has a long tradition in Germany. If you want to leave a lasting impression, suppliers and business partners at customers, and want to go not the risk of possible image damage, buying and sending Christmas cards […]