Popol Vuh

Corn, the most important cultural plant of Mesoamerican peoples, was the basis for this myth of life, death and rebirth in the same manner as wheat, used symbolically in the mysteries of Eleusis, took the same symbolism as a nexus of union between men and divine beings, or man and his own divine part. The Xibalba or Mayan underworld is not only the place or State which pass the souls of the dead. If you would like to know more about Amazon, then click here. It is also and primarily an inner dimension that involves income in certain States of consciousness. Thus, the Popol Vuh shows not only the path of the soul that has desencarnado, but also the path of initiation into life that leads to the inner or spiritual birth an inner road that leads to the creation of a new man. All these viagra tablets uk herbs are blended in right combination in this herbal supplement effectively cure semen leakage, wet dreams, excessive precum and spermatorrhea. Diagnosing Postcholecystectomy Syndrome can be tricky, especially if the order cheap levitra deeprootsmag.org onset starts months after surgery. More and more women tadalafil buy canada are rediscovering the pleasure of cycling. To take this pill you have to be considered worthy of your attention: Dependability and Safety – Dependability and safety of a Canadian pharmacy can be judged on the basis of the licenses and lowest prices for cialis http://deeprootsmag.org/2019/04/16/updike-at-easter-seven-voices-on-seven-stanzas-2019-edition/ customer testimonials. It can be considered the fundamental book of the Mayans, cosmogonic both in the sense of cryptic code or guide in key for the internal search engine, with a value similar to that of Homer’s Odyssey for the ancient Greeks, the so-called book of the dead for the ancient Egyptians or the Bardo Thodol or Tibetan Book of the dead. Thus, encloses the teaching that leads to internal development, the development of the soul, and in this sense, is not travel only once the road to Xibalba, but descend again and again to our interior, discover and eliminate from our infraconsciente negative energies, transforming them into light, and return to our area to continue living a little more aware each time.

As the alma-conciencia is gaining strength, the descent will be deeper and more fruitful. Each element of the myth of the divine twins has an interior psychic reality, is showing us the path to our own underworld and the various tests that will face those who start the descent. Xibalba is the world linked to our subconscious.