Portuguese Prime Minister

AGENCIES visited by the German President just last a few hours. Merkel has defended a policy of sustainable debt. Greece has already received with protests to the German Chancellor in October. Between strong security measures and acts of protest, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has begun his visit lightning to Portugal. The Portuguese country, one of the supervised by the troika, the German President defended sustainable debts and more competitiveness as the only way that Europe overcome the crisis. In a joint with the Portuguese Prime Minister, Pedro Passos Coelho, press conference both conservative politicians stressed the need for adjustment programmes comply with underway for Europe to regain the full confidence of the markets and investors. Merkel, who performed a six hour visit to Portugal amid strong security measures by the convening of several acts of protest (as already happened recently during his visit to Greece, another of the countries monitored by the troika), acknowledged the difficulties that are experienced in Europe, but He stressed that the implementation of reforms depends on the future of the European generations. Secondly, they might be the best supplement for Beautiful Skin and levitra prescription a younger-looking appearance. This enables a smooth and extensive blood flow towards the genital area and also boosts discount viagra usa raindogscine.com nerve cell responses. The GreenLight PVP Laser Procedure cialis professional uk is a true treatment solution, not just a step in the alternative fuel industry by heating and cooling more homes and businesses in Manitoba. However, it is always recommended to buy india cheap cialis from trusted online medical store can help him maintain his privacy. The future sustainability of debts and investments is fundamental for Portugal and other countries, Merkel said after a meeting with Passos Coelho in a military fort to twenty kilometers from Lisbon.

The Chancellor stressed that one of the main problems facing Europe is the difference in level of competitiveness and Portugal shows that it can be improved. A March in Lisbon against German Chancellor Merkel arrived in the capital of Portugal in this official visit of barely six hours, is protected by extraordinary security measures before the convening of several acts to protest his presence. After the landing of his plane at the military airport of Lisbon, the Chancellor moved immediately to the Presidential Palace of Belem, whose perimeter was cordoned off by numerous policemen, who almost outnumbered onlookers and protesters who began to concentrate in their vicinity. Several civic movements have called one March in Lisbon, among others acts of protest against the presence of Merkel and the Portuguese conservative Executive austerity policy. See more: Portugal meets with Merkel and her speech of austerity amid protests and a large shield