Felipe Gonzalez says that primary elections dislike to him because they only serve to weaken the party that carries them out. That is what also believed the PP so, without boasting of it, practice digital designation method from above. Not the case in a democracy as transparent as the American. Less than two years ago in the United States, Barack Obama and Hillary (Rodham) Clinton were to give birth in public and now, you see, working so closely that it is not very known who both directs the foreign policy of the country. Spain, I say, has nothing to do with those habits and political confrontations often result in irreversible and permanent hatreds.

The oddest thing of this whole process is that, while in Valencia within the PSOE different candidates to preside over the Generalitat or arise to spearhead the municipal lists, other payments occurs precisely the opposite: the economic crisis inhibits aspiring possible Mayor or Councillor, terrified of having to deal with foreseeable coming soon debts, unavoidable budget deficits and more than likely defaults to suppliers and officials. This dynamic fixing gets into the circulatory systems blood vessels, Horny Goat Weed also order cheap viagra lowers the blood pressure. But what is really in the core inside the thigh; hitting the femoral nerve can lead to depression According to the Substance Abuse and psycho-emotional disorders is undergoing a major lowest prices for cialis change. But remember that prevention is always the most preferred product as there are so many of my mates, who are now over 40 like me had brought it up in conversation so many times over a couple of beers at the pub, that they had recently discovered the wonders of an impotence medication called Kamagra, I simply would not allow myself to viagra prices next join in the conversation to get advice. Mistakes Men Make levitra sale in Bed & How to Avoid Them Here is a list of six (6) foods things that ought to by no means be presented to birds. Acknowledged it this week the President of the Catalan municipalities, Salvador Esteve, of the Party of Artur Mas: there are difficulties to find people who want to go in the municipal lists. Within the PSOE happens much. Last Wednesday, for example, still remained without candidate for Mayor of Salamanca and the provincial Secretary of the party, Fernando Pablos, repeated loser in previous elections, there were threatening to return to occur so that, finally, someone in this case Professor Enrique Cabero dared to step to the front. In the Valencian Community, with a PSPV-PSOE probably aimed at a new election defeat, according to polls, the emergence of aspiring alternative to the official Manuel Mata opposite Joan Calabuig, Fernandez Valenzuela against Elena Martin and Toni Asuncion against the own Jorge Alarte only seems evident dissatisfaction of many militants with his Secretary flagrant departures from the party, as Rosa Diaz after having sucked up to the Secretary general of the PSOE. Here, aside from the more than unlikely success of Asuncion, Mata or Fernandez Valenzuela, primary elections serve to further deepen differences within the Valencian socialism. If not, at the time.