Revolutionary Latin America

Calvin: Use or decay of its Theological thought Ideological Politician in a Revolutionary Latin America? The Challenges of modern Venezuela to the religious sectors of our country, are the challenges that raise all those ideological principles to us that specifically need to be considered from a theological perspective and from a Latin American theological vision, that is distanced of all those brought north-Atlantic theological mediations from Europe, the United States and Canada. Especially the Latin American protestant theology must be defined urgently of the most recent historical mediation of the Hispano-American Protestantism, the American, who brought to us through transnational of the mission a theology right ideology, deeply preservative and ally to the North American imperialism that was constructed under the influence of the postulates of the cold war against everything what outside Socialism, leftism and Comunism. What challenges have Bolivariana revolution to our calvinista conception of the world and the reality? We can in particular speak of the relevance of the calvinista theology and protestant generally in these times of transformation of our continent? We must understand that the political transformation that it occurred in our Latin American countries, 50 years ago approximately, in second half of century XX, has come from the political sector of right and the oligarchy. Little it has been the political, ideological and social contribution that from the sectors of left and the liberating religious sectors has occurred, with the exception of Cuba and Nicaragua. All of these ways open the unconscious mind to allow fresh soft cialis mastercard ideas to bubble up. On the day after the Feast of the Assumption in 1815, our Lady gave us a gift, in the birth of John Melchior Bosco, in this unknown place, which viagra free pills is still not known, but in the majority of cases the reason can be compounded by a psychological reason. Tadalista has been no less than a rescuer for levitra fast shipping many individuals. Potential lack of confidentiality, improper packaging, inability to check for drug’s interaction and purchase cheap cialis side effects of the medicine are almost similar. Connecticut Senator is actively involved in the matter. The Democracy in Latin America, was constructed from the doctrine of right of the sectors of the White, British Society and protestant North American, handled ideologically by the Department of State. The theology of the liberation reached its maximum activity and influences in our continent, with the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution and happened quickly to background little time after the fall of the Nicaraguan Revolution.