Elections Government

How it will follow the dollar in Argentina after the elections? March 31st, 2009 The dollar in Argentina does not stop its march in this 2009. Although, the value of closing of the past Friday has begun the week maintaining, in the first three months of the year, the quote of the North American currency […]

Political Power

When we indicated the limits of the policy we understand what includes and therefore, we include/understand its definition, nevertheless the humanity is before the dilemma to find a consensus in reference to where are the limits. Other branches like those of the medicine exist and the architecture that has their delimited battle area or, clearly […]

Revolutionary Latin America

Calvin: Use or decay of its Theological thought Ideological Politician in a Revolutionary Latin America? The Challenges of modern Venezuela to the religious sectors of our country, are the challenges that raise all those ideological principles to us that specifically need to be considered from a theological perspective and from a Latin American theological vision, […]

Democratic Convention

The republicans of the USA already have elect to their presidential candidate thanks to having a system in which he wins in many States remains with all the delegates. The democrats, however, have proportional representation. This mechanism is more equitable but in the end it can prolong the internal tension or cause that the final […]

Spanish Civil Registry

Selected thus adopting and adopted, the adoption already can be constituted. It has to notice that the fulfillment of the rules of the Agreement of The Hague is credited by the opportune certificate of the central authority of the country of the adopted one, that will be to appear in the Spanish Civil Registry. By […]

Tenerife Municipality

The municipality of the Orotava with its 218 km2s, is greatest of Tenerife, located in the heart of the valley of the same name, we can find places of much resistance, bathe in its beaches (bollulo, the ducks,) to visit the monumental zone of this town one of prettiest of Tenerife, to enter themselves in […]

Legislative Decree

The SUNAT also will be able to exert faculties of administration with respect to other nontributary obligations of ESSALUD and the ONP, according to which it settles down in the corresponding interinstitutional agreements. Affiliation to the regime of pensions. – This aspect is optional. Indeed the regulation has established that stops who to the date […]

Catalan Autonomous Government

Until the untouchable Leire Pajn she begins to be questioned internamente by his inexperience immediately will touch the turn to him, also, to the clumsy one and arrogant minister Car to me Chacn and already is one that locates its future of return in the Valencian Community, like candidate to the Catalan Autonomous Government instead […]

Constitutional Court

Although in the Peruvian system of constitutional jurisdiction a legal forecast of that type does not exist, the recent forecast of the constitutional precedent to that article VII of the Preliminary Title of the Constitutional Procedural Code talks about constitutes a tool that could help to replace these legal deficiencies, allowing to optimize the defense […]