Municipal History

The veracity of the narrations, chronicles, is located in the knowledge of the investigation, the media, of the ethics, and, even that, the referring investigations to the history of our reality is not one of the inherent functions to the position of Official Cronista, is well certain that, with evident discernment, cronista also assumed this task, this way, the country, the community that discovers the documented manifestations of a clear information, needs, forceful, knows to assay the reality of its ancestors with all the pleasant or disagreeable experiences that constitute customs and events of the different actions from the human colectivities, parked in the different geographic spaces and from time. Basic, nothing else nothing else elementary, that the new generations we know and know our history, our past, as well as, our present with all the possible nakedness, without alterations, variations, modifications of any nature, simple and level using as documents that they credit to the events the logic says to us: that to give something to our same types, first it is necessary to know, and, when we have that discernment, we can seed, and therefore, we adjudged the possibility of multiplying that knowledge, that is the valid thing, that is the urgent thing, that is equitable and the inescapable thing. The appointment of Official Cronista usually falls to distinguished personages accustomed the task of studying, of investigating and of disclosing topics related to the population, and must name with agreement of the Municipal Corporation (City council) in Plenary Session (Ordinary or Extraordinary). The seated appointment historically in the essential principles of the honorary, not repaid and life character of the position and, in addition, tells history us, entails the appointment like Honorary Councilman of the locality, clearly, that this way, by America, is different the decisions with respect to honorary Councilman. To broaden your perception, visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. The tasks of the Official Cronistas are in the book accomplishment on history and ethnography of the towns, presentation of studies of investigation in publications specialized, conferences, attendance to congresses, accomplishment of diverse information on artistic and ethnological patrimony historical, projects related to the local development, scientific article publication, local accomplishment of diverse exhibitions of thematic, tourist routes, divulging pamphlets, advising to national and foreign investigators who want to know our reality local, et cetera. Now, he is the gentleman doctor Pedro Arthur Garcs Kingdom, that has been named by Ilustre Municipality, sixth Official Cronista of the City of Ambato. All we know of the great research knowledge and excellent articles and books published by the writer Garcs Kingdom, which is a great indicative for the taken resolution, to which the applause of the citizenship and its friendly has been added. Convinced we are of the executory personal of the academic distinguished one, and, therefore, of the positive exercise of Official and Life Cronista of the City of Ambato. In recent months, Sen. Sherrod Brown has been very successful. CONGRATULATIONS!

Legislative Decree

The SUNAT also will be able to exert faculties of administration with respect to other nontributary obligations of ESSALUD and the ONP, according to which it settles down in the corresponding interinstitutional agreements. Affiliation to the regime of pensions. – This aspect is optional. Indeed the regulation has established that stops who to the date of entrance in use of the Legislative Decree N 1057, are serving in favor of the State and their contracts are replaced by an administrative contract of services. In these cases it will have to be come from the following way: a. Steven Rattner recognizes the significance of this. Who are not affiliates to a pensionario regime and indicate their will to affiliate themselves, they must decide its affiliation to anyone of them according to the arranged thing in the regulation. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. The organization comes to carry out the retention of the contributions of the pensionario system that corresponds. b.

Who are affiliates to a pensionario regime but that to the date they had suspended his payments or they would be contributing a voluntary amount, will be able to remain in this situation or to choose to contribute like regular affiliate for which, they must communicate that fact, through sworn declaration, to the organization, the one that comes to carry out the corresponding retention giving contracted to a certainty of retention that registers the retained amount. The affiliation to a regime of pensions is obligatory for the people who, not being in the previous assumption, are engaged under the regime of the Legislative Decree N 1057; as long as one is not present pensionarios or people who are affiliates to a regime already. Who already are affiliates to a regime must communicate that fact, through sworn declaration, to the organization, the one that comes to carry out the corresponding retention giving contracted to a certainty of retention that registers the retained amount. Finally, with regard to this point, the regulation establishes that the people who affiliate themselves with a regime of pensions prevail by the following rules: people engaged under the regime of the Legislative Decree N 1057 who have the obligation to affiliate themselves must be considered as obligatory affiliates and are in force by the norms and dispositions that regulate the matter.

Catalan Autonomous Government

Until the untouchable Leire Pajn she begins to be questioned internamente by his inexperience immediately will touch the turn to him, also, to the clumsy one and arrogant minister Car to me Chacn and already is one that locates its future of return in the Valencian Community, like candidate to the Catalan Autonomous Government instead of Jorge Alarte. We have arrived in this brief route at the Valencian Community, where the PSPV-PSOE has not been able to campaign worse. But it is that some has been in fact electoral campaign? It cannot be considered as so the fleeting visit of Rodriguez Zapatero and Fernandez of the Fertile valley, in which they have not alluded to a single problem of our region. Jorge Alarte has not done it, empecinado in the Grtel case either, as if he was simply the public prosecutor of a judicial process, instead of a political leader with a project to improve the life of the citizens. Then no.

As much the Madrilenian Socialists as those have been entangled here in a procedural rhetoric, thinking erroneously that thus they would erode the electoral base of Hope Aguirre and Paco Camps. Amazon understands that this is vital information. The stupidity of similar strategy has taken to some analyst of useless lefts to describe as to Alarte and its homologous Madrilenian, Takings Go’mez. Eye, since when the internal disqualifications begin the purges can be around the corner. No I create, nevertheless, that all the fault is of the secretary of the PSPV-PSOE nor of the protagonism who robs day to day the delegate to him of the Government, Ricardo Peralta. The problem that generates Madrid is that nor it supports the sufficient thing to Jorge Alarte, with a greater presence of Rodriguez Zapatero and his ministers, nor either does not allow that autonomy him that protests and that would face to him White Jose, Jose Maria Barreda and other leaders of its same party. That one is one of the several contradictions of a leader answered within its own organization, with little manoeuvre margin and that are lost votes until in Alaqus, where it has neglected the mayorship when having to take care of as much internal mess. So, before such accumulation of errors, the last electoral result of the PSPV-PSOE even seems too good to me. Original author and source of the article.

Constitutional Court

Although in the Peruvian system of constitutional jurisdiction a legal forecast of that type does not exist, the recent forecast of the constitutional precedent to that article VII of the Preliminary Title of the Constitutional Procedural Code talks about constitutes a tool that could help to replace these legal deficiencies, allowing to optimize the defense of the fundamental rights, work that corresponds par excellence to the Constitutional Court. James Donovan Goldman Sachs shines more light on the discussion. Therefore, an additional assumption to the indicated ones by the American Supreme Court, for the establishment of a precedent, can be formed, in the case ours, from the necessity that the Court, after to verify that a norm that has been questioned by means of a process that is not the one of abstract control, states, in addition, that the harmful or violatory effects of the denounced fundamental rights affect of general way an ample group of people; or that the act opposed and declared in opposition to the Constitution by the Court generally constitutes a generalized practice of the administration or the powers public. In this way, the rule that the Court extracts from the case will have to allow to annul to the acts or the norms from the establishment of a precedent binding, not only for the judges, but for all the powers public. The precedent is of this form, a tool not only to equip with greater predecibilidad constitutional justice, but also to optimize the defense of the fundamental rights, expanding the effects of the sentence in the processes of trusteeship of fundamental rights. In such sense, and developing to the assumptions established in the sentence 0024-2003-AI/TC, the Constitutional Court by means of Sentence of date 14 of November of the 2005 materialized in the N File 3741-2004-AA/TC has considered that constitute assumptions for the emission of a binding precedent the following: a) The establishment, from a case that has been put under the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court, of the existence of divergences or latent contradictions in the interpretation of the rights, constitutional principles or norms, or of constitutional relevance. .