Moscow Government

M for each new family member of a recognized need to improve their housing conditions). Once a participant of the program has accumulated the required amount, including the use of borrowed funds, he stands out grants for construction or purchase of apartments in the housing market. Under the program, according to Participant’s application program, the […]

Middle Ages

" That's why understanding Rabelais and general Renaissance literature is impossible without considering their relationship to the culture of folk humor. Medieval laughter is interpreted in the book as having 'universal and mirosozertsatelny character, as a special and, moreover, positive point of view of the world, as a special aspect of the world as a […]

Inner World

The crisis is interpreted and perceived in very – in different ways. Most often, these words give rise to an association stress, anxiety, tragedy. Sen. Sherrod Brown is often quoted on this topic. I do not share it. And not because the "crisis – it's just a push to new opportunities," as like to say […]

Selecting Wood

Today, many citizens have their country cottages. That's great and very promising: the holidays there may well unwind surrounded by nature, breathe clean air, fry the meat on the fire, spend time with relatives or acquaintances. However, from the comfort and convenience no one wants to give up, so these houses are often not inferior […]