Socialist Victims

/ Movement against intolerance called a concentration outside the Norwegian Embassy and lee a manifest solidarity with the victims of the attacks. A leading source for info: Amazon. Its President, Esteban Ibarra, has asked that on 22 July it be declared European day for the memory of the victims of hate crimes. The Norwegian consul has received the manifesto from the hands of the conveners in an emotional ceremony that fifty people have come. Steve Rattner Willett Advisors has firm opinions on the matter. Fifty people have concentrated this Thursday at noon before the Embassy of Norway in Madrid, on downtown Serrano Street, to show solidarity with the victims of the attacks in Oslo, which took place last week in the capital and on the island of Utoya. They have come under the slogan Stop terrorism far right by the intercultural coexistence, to the call of the movement against intolerance Association, whose President, Esteban Ibarra, took the opportunity to request that on 22 July it be declared European day for the memory of the victims of hate crimes. During the ceremony has been read an an emotional manifesto after which saved a minute of silence in memory of the 76 deaths in the attacks, allegedly by Anders Breivik. The text denounces that Europe cannot look elsewhere before the increase of intolerance and includes claims to European institutions and Governments.

The conveners have expressed their deep condolences for the victims of the attack and sent his condolences to the families, the Labour Party and Norwegian citizenship. Delivered in hand to the consul the consul of Norway in Spain has received excited and on behalf of the Ambassador – located in Oslo-manifesto of the conveners and hands in the presence of prominent politicians, among them, Pedro Zerolo representatives, Member of the Federal Executive of the PSOE, Maru Menendez, Member of the Assembly of Madrid and spokesperson of the Socialist parliamentary group. Ibarra, who has also requested the outlawing of far-right parties, in the Act was accompanied by, in addition, Amparo Sanchez, President of the platform against Islamophobia, Guillem Agullo, father of the young anti-fascist murdered in 1993, Milagros Hernandez, left United Madrid, and Carlos Girbau, of the Social Forum in Madrid. Have also assisted several recent victims by racism, the activities of ultra-right and neo-Nazi groups in Spain; the initiative has been backed by several associations and representatives of political parties. At the conclusion of the ceremony, all the participants have entered the Embassy to sign the book of condolence. Source of the news: associations, political parties and “victims of hate crimes” sympathize with Oslo in Madrid

European Central Bank

It also proposes a series of concrete measures for what it calls false evidence that defends capitalism. Enterprise / SME. Before the polarization of wealth, speech is concerned much more than tax and labor advantages which, thanks to its weight and importance, always get a favorable position. SMEs, on the other hand, would also be victims of a model that favors only to its peak. In fact, the strangulation of the financing has had in SMEs to his first victim. Slovenia.

Earlier this month, Slovenes came to the polls to pronounce in rrendum about the delay in retirement age. 72% Of the population rejected it. Although after this decision markets insist that you will need to trim one or another site, Slovenia is a politically beautiful example for many. FORIS. A comic and a seven minute video which carries more than three million reproductions in less than a month. Both are the work of the young creator Aleix Salo and have managed to easily convey the how and the why of the Spanish real estate crisis, with banks and the sector brick as guilty and the political class as necessary accomplice. Euro. The single currency has meant also sharing monetary policy that secures the European Central Bank.

Refuses to countries in distress own performance margin. The so-called Pact of the euro, agreed in March by Member States and now you have to realize, is supposed to strengthen the single currency by way of competitiveness, but it proposes wage restraint, a rigid fiscal policy (with less public spending), delayed age of retirement, etc. financialization. We don’t live in industrial capitalism, with its hallmarks as the accumulation of capital and the creation of productive processes. Now they are the owners of the money those who through the acquisition of financial assets take society in his charge, indicates Isidro Lopez. The result, according to this analysis, is that society as a whole is subject to the interests of an elite group of wealth, resulting in a new segmentation of social classes in which the middle class has become aware of the loss of their expectations of life.