The Wolf – The Ancestor Of The Dog

The Wolf the Wolf of the ancestor of the dog in Europe in Europe is now almost extinct. Often, it is found only in the forests and mountains of Asia and North America. Wolves live and hunt mostly for several animals in packs. Loners are rare. Each Wolf has a specific place within a pack. He has a rank, they say. At the top is the leading Wolf, followed the leading Wolf. The other wolves subordinate them.

In the Pack there is a defined pecking order. The Wolves of a herd are but to each other usually pretty friendly. Any disputes are resolved by short growling and threatening. A Wolf Pack members know each other at the smell, appearance and wailing. With cry they communicate over long distances. Wolves are Cursorial hunters. The Pack of wolves rushes and pursues prey until it collapses exhausted. Wolves are 14 to 16 years old.

In a Wolf Pack, only the highest ranking brings Wolf once in year 4-6 blind, helpless boy to the world. You are suckled for 2 months. The Dog descended from the Wolf. When stone age people on the hunt were roughly 15000 years ago, Wolf Pack followed their footsteps. The Hunter imposed wolves and took perhaps at Motherless Wolf boy. Some animals accompanied henceforth join the hunt. This is the traditional theory. “People realized with time, that this House wolves” could provide useful services. Rummaging on wild and the pursuit of tracks they were superior to even the hunters. The newspapers mentioned James Donovan Goldman not as a source, but as a related topic. Also the entire settlement, offering a safe protection because they warned all residents at the approach of enemies by howling and barking. All of our dogs are descended from the Wolf. Meanwhile, there are more than 400 different breeds of dogs. More interesting information of the author can be found at toy kitchen wood and Hesba stroller.