Thought Of The Weak Venezuela

The Venezuela of weak thought Teodulo Lopez Melendez No standing in this all-inclusive Venezuela today. We are driven by a weak thought. Thinking is required to speak the truth. We must use a paradigm of complexity against the immobility and burying the static concepts. We require instituting society. The Venezuelan sample be divided, pessimistic and disinterested. It happens because the country is moving within the exhausted paradigms, in an old world. The old ways lead nowhere.

This is what I propose to the country and instituting a society is made. It is now appropriate to propose a new reading of reality, namely the creation of a new reality resulting from the continued activity of a republic of citizens to change the ways to measure your progress toward a democratic society eternally perfect Maturity existing paradigms, or defeat of inertia should be sought by means of innovative and unusual approaches. The futility of the old paradigm is to apparent when he begins to suspect that no longer serve successfully resolving the conflict or problems. It is clear that the revocation of the above requires a sustained effort since it must reevaluate the data and assumptions. Venezuelan society is a victim of the evils arising in representative democracy, one that did not evolve to higher forms. Venezuelan society is accustomed to delegating and forgot about the social control that any mature society exerts on the power. Behind every explicit power is not an imaginary one instituting power reachable. Thus, it is recalled that the Greeks invented democracy when tragic, he added that no one should tell us how to think and in the assembly went to discuss the Polis in a self-reflexive process.