Constituent Assembly

A few days ago we are discussing the crisis in the country and whether or not to advance the congressional elections. The arguments are many, but all based on the prestige of the legislature following the arrests of several congressmen investigated for their links with paramilitaries. Already more than 52 of them involved in research and 30 prisoners. The Colombian people want action. Well, I remember well that the people have had, I would say, in the last 20 years tend to be ruthless with the Congress. Not forgive him anything. Whenever the majority opinion is "close Akhaians!." Many refer to the institution and its members in very bad terms and even blamed him away sins that have not.

The Congress has become something of a bad reputation. The receptacle of the anger of ordinary Colombians, the spin of the fifteen, the symbol of corruption. In my particular case, although I recognize the enormous crisis it is going through, I depart from this trend and I think there are many respectable members, intelligent, honorable and honest in that institution of the country. If the score is more than 95 percent of diabetic cases. cheapest cialis Check whether the mic, cialis prices speaker and antenna of the set is in right working condition or not. When Patty suggested that this cialis 5mg person may not be able to breathe well, leading to impotence. I am a 48 year old male, and sometimes I have to deal with erectile dysfunction. cheapest sildenafil 100mg Besides, I still think of him as the quintessential representative body of participatory democracy. The institution where I see reflected the country in all its nuances, with all its faults, but also its virtues. But the strength of opinion, I think it will be overwhelming in this Congress. I just hope things go great for the country of all this.

I believe that this terrible situation should be completed in early elections next year, not just Congress but the President of the Republic, through reforms to enter a legitimate constituent, for which elections should be This same year! And I think if it is reduced one-year period of the current Congress, giving the opportunity for much of the current Congress reelected And why not take advantage of constitutional reform and introduce the possibility of a presidential re-election by doing a single election President and Congress in the same date? After Yal is not the same tendency majority of the people that want to "revoke" in some way this Congress and somehow extend the mandate of a president who has captivated? If the current Congress should have the opportunity to be reelected, as indicated by the smallest bases of democracy, why not have the same right the President? Press the President is bad, but for the current Congress would be normal? I think not. Those opposed to another reelection do so with very respectable reasons, but we must all accept that wing majorities are the ones in charge! The proposal is simple, clear. Cut the time of this Congress and this President in a year, but making choices for both for a period of five years, with the possibility of immediate re-election in both cases. In addition, the Constituent Assembly must address very important issues related to substantive political reform, as the Unicameral Congress, compulsory voting, the reelection of mayors, governors, Comptrollers and Personeros, total state funding of political campaigns, combined with the prohibition of certain practices harmful to democracy (buying votes evening through payment of hawkers, a gift from T-shirts or other clothing, etc), establishment of a parliamentary system, federal state and / or a more equitable and efficient allocation of fiscal resources of the state, redefining the structure and functions of the assemblies and councils, the empty chair and many others that we will have opportunity to discuss. Hopefully soon.