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However, the elaboration of a strategy of the Community for the Oceans that establishes the orientaes and defines the main lines of convergence politician-diplomatics for a strategy for the Oceans of the Lusofonia, was assayed (but little argued), meeting after approved (beginning of 2010) in a phase of relative stagnation. The Strategy of the CPLP for the Oceans conducts for principles and transversal objectivos to the too much vectors of the cooperation in the seio of the Community, nominated for the principles of sovereign equality of the States members; of the respect for the territorial integrity; of the promotion of the development; of the promotion of the mutually advantageous cooperation. It enters the objectivos of the Community, intentions are counted that can equally be related with the present Strategy, as the concertao politician-diplomatics between State-members, nominated for the reinforcement of its presence in the international scene and the cooperation in some domnios, as for example of the education, science and technology, defense, public administration, communications, justice, public security, culture and sport. The 10 of December of 1982, in Montego Bay (Jamaica) were signed the Convention of United Nations on the Right of Mar (CNUDM) with the objectivo creating relative a legal regimen to the sea, in which if they include regimes of the maritime zones of the diverse States. As age factor increases the capacity to involve in active sex best price cialis decreases. But with the advancement made in the medical sciences, ED is not something that one can’t overcome. levitra viagra devensec.com Fortunately, people who suffer from impotence, generic viagra 100mg substitutes exist and they are 100% safe, because all of these pills contain herbs and are effortlessly accessible for purchasing without the need of anxiousness, depression, emotional complications, and insomnia. It is a serious condition that cialis online cialis prevents partners from having children. The entrance in vigor of the Convention of United Nations on the Right of the Sea and mainly of the relative Agreement to the application of Part XI of the same Convention (transposed for the Portuguese legislation through the Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic n. 60-B/97 of October of 1997) constitutes international legal instruments that conduct the activities in the oceans and seas, the recognition of the necessity of ambient preservation and the paper that the oceans play in this scope. These legislative mechanisms had come to give to new relief and visibility to the questions related with the subjects of the sea, not only in the countries whose coasts are extensive and detentoras of vast resources, but in all the nations. .