Xian Farm

The owners of a farm in china of Shaanxi Province ensured that his sheep has given birth to a dog. The animal in question has a woolly hair, although his face is similar to a dog, like his behavior, which does not correspond to a sheep. After this, thousands of onlookers have decided to stop by the farm to see the animal. The farmer, Liu Naiying, tells how the perroveja has been born within their lands: I was in the Prairie looking after sheep and saw how a RAM licked the animal, I approached and the young was still wet, says Liu Naiying. At the time I checked it was a very strange animal, like a cross between sheep and dog, adds. Yue Guozhang, researcher at the city of Xian, ensures that a cross between a sheep and a dog, is impossible and so it must be a logical explanation. Toca now investigate if all this event is true or they have only done so for advertising to farm, make famous or anything similar for the style. Already we are seeing what is happening there, for power, as we have said if it is real or not. _ Creative _ network news (www.creativosred.