Yashkova Law

What happened there – I will not discuss. And the man was forced to retire. Midwinter society remained without a chairman. But Ludmila site is not owned, and the chairman did not. Site owned her husband. And so he became chairman. And his wife have chosen an accountant. And they began to live happily ever after. Yes acquire even better as soon Ludmila has pressed her husband, and she became chairman of the society. Were elected and board members. Who signed the documents simply because they have to sign up. That is, the credibility of the chairman. On board were deprived sections of society, does not care about propriety, nor the compliance with the rules of law. Let’s say a person educated arrears. If the first called to the board and found out the reason and talked.

Now it was not. Editors are not computed comparable amounts debt to the amount that can be obtained from the sale of garden houses or, for example, bus, or simply fencing and garden trees. Nobody filed a lawsuit against the owners of plots of deprivation of private property. And why, properly? If you are all well aware at the top, why should comply with any decency? At the dacha went architects, but In short, privatization was the way it was needed the chairman, and not as it should under the law. Gathering for the sold plots certain amount after having secured the signatures of board members to deprive people of sites and filling in for mzduyuschih documents for the issuance of state certificate Yashkova ls with his family safely left in Russia.