The Presence of Insurance

And if at first it is zero, then the time of putting the building up and by the time of deposit of its tenants reaches its maximum. The problem of insurers – carefully keep track of this period, gradually increasing the sum insured. – What influences the price of an insurance policy? – When selecting the type of insurance, the insured must be adequately evaluate risks, possible in relation to the object of insurance. From This depends on the price policy. The price is determined each time individually depending on the value of insured property (the amount of insurance). For each program has its own coefficient, which is calculated from the amount insurance. Important in determining tariff rates will form the company and its location. If it's good offices in an elite center, the rate may be from 0,6% to 0,1%, and if the warehouse, then 0,11%. There are lower and multiplying factors of stakes. For example, the offices are located on the 2 nd floor of the building, and the 1-meter is a restaurant. In such a situation would apply the increased rate. Because the risk of fire in a place much higher. On the price policy is influenced by many factors – the general condition of the building and its age, the presence of alarm systems, sensors, fire, video surveillance, etc., the state of engineering systems, the presence or absence of service personnel data system, the presence of security in the building, etc. To the insurance company will also be important history took place here earlier cases of property damage in the amount above 100 000.

Czech Republic

If you receive this type of visa is already possible to legally live and do business in the Czech Republic. When a visa extension, already in the Czech Republic, a foreigner is permitted to long-term stay or residence permit. Residence permit is given for 2 years. And if staying more than 5 years in the status of residence permit can apply for permanent residence or permanent residence. Simultaneously with the assignment of the alien status of residence permit or permanent residence status and assigned Evrorezidenta, which allows travel in all countries of Schengen. And is there life not in Prague? For those who do not plan to live in the capital, may be useful to this information. In recent years, increased number of people who live outside of Prague. Many of the new come say that to live in the province has become better.

Attitude of the indigenous population is good, people are quiet, no hustle and bustle of the capital, and everything necessary for life, exists in the province. In the Czech Republic there is no gap between capital and regions, as is the case in Russia and cis countries. Recently, our compatriots are showing increased interest in usti edge. The spa town of Teplice, more often appears in the questions asked by our company. And is there any sense directly to buy an apartment? Or maybe stay godok differently? yes and benefits whether such a purchase? Of course, the acquisition of real estate on your firm is not legally guarantee of the status of residence permit automatically, but The human factor has not been canceled! When submitting documents for long-term visa, consider your company, and if the firm will be engaged in real estate and have already acquired it, met all necessary conditions are met: The company actually working with the property. Registration of candidates for 100% real.

And therefore legitimate grounds for denial is simply no! And now, on the merits of the financial question, consider a family of three: 1.Arenda apartment in usti Region 6000 eek per month (This is no utility bills, pay them as necessary for the rented apartment and for her). Expenses for the first year would amount to 72,000 kroner (2,770 euros). 2.When signing a lease agreement to pay "Kautz" – a pledge master Apartments for property in the apartment and the owner for loss of profits, if you move out of the apartment before the end of the contract. Typically, this amount is not refundable and will be 2 price of employment, including utilities. Plus the cost of hiring- real estate agency for the selection of apartments in arendu.Itogo: 3h6000 = 18000 (690 Euros). 3.Po you visit with your family need somewhere to stay, to find apartments for rent. Take a very short time – 2 weeks for 600 euros / day. Obtain 8400 (320 Euros). 4.Rashody on registration of the company 1500. 5.Rashody to prepare documents for residence permit 3h400 = 1200 Euro. Total first year turned out 6,480 euros. In recent months, Steve Rattner has been very successful. In addition, property prices over the last year have increased by 15-20%, and continue to grow. That's about a financial side of the issue of immigration to the Czech Republic. And, possibly, a ready solution, "an immigration package 'would be more beneficial for you, because the price of packages for immigration and residence in the town of Teplice start at 13,000 euros. And when you buy the package you have already will own their apartments, which will significantly reduce your costs further. We hope that the information provided by our company will find useful.

Russian Federation

With the specified time the citizens will not be able to dispose of such housing in its sole discretion. It should be noted that the lcd of the Russian Federation has limited the proportion of the population in the realization of this possibility. This right can benefit only those who got their houses in the period up to March 1, 2005 pursuant to a warrant or other document on the universe. From this date accommodation will be provided under a contract of social employment. Thus, it is necessary to have time privatize the apartment until March 1, 2010. Who do not have time, will be forced to register their property already for their money, and it is a lot of money – up to 70% of the purchase price. In the lcd rf amended categories of citizens who be accounted for as needing to improve their housing conditions. When the registration will be recognized as in need of better housing conditions only poor people.

That is, those whose income per person below subsistence level. The right to determine whom to recognize the poor vested in the regional and local authorities. (Articles 49-59 lc RF). Citizens found to be in the prescribed manner to needy citizens and occupy residential premises in social contracts of employment are exempt from paying fees for the use of housing (article 156 of lc RF). If the citizens to stand in a queue for housing, taking actions that worsened the living conditions, they will take on the account does not earlier than five years. (Article 53 lc RF). For social housing will not be privatized. It is owned by the state. A separate chapter is devoted to lcd rf payments for housing and utilities. Firstly, the Code supersedes earlier active federal standards limiting the cost of housing and communal services as well and established at the federal level, the marginal share of its expenses of citizens to pay the rent. All this transferred to regional and local authorities.

Secondly, the Code says that the fee for maintenance and repair of housing is installed to ensure a refund of the services and work on maintenance and repair of the common property in an apartment house, depending on the total area occupied, on the quality and improvement of premises, location home. And if the fee for the entire country will be set by local government (in other words, the election of representative government), then to Moscow and St. Petersburg, made a special clause: it would make the executive authorities. (Articles 153-160 lc RF). B – Third, the Code provides that homeowners must pay the full overhaul of the house. There are two possible options. The first – the owners at a general meeting of apartment house decide how much they would be for it pay. Second – if the meeting took no decision, then the fee for repair installs executive. (Article 154 lc RF).

Purchasing Goods

Many trade companies conduct advertising campaigns: when buying such a product you receive a gift. But if you examine their financial statements, it appears that the cost of ‘gift’ is included in the price of basic goods. And the imposition of something in burden the law prohibits. The consumer buys a product with a ‘gift’-load – and a claim seeking compensation. In all the shoe stores hangs a warning that the claim must be submitted within one month from the date of purchase. But the law states that in relation to goods for which warranty periods or expiration dates are not set by the producer, consumer goods if the defects are found within a reasonable time, may bring claims within two years. You understand that the ‘reasonable time’ – loose concept.

Workshop in which you have given piece of fabric for suits, is obliged to reimburse the cost of lost material in the double size. Selecting studio with untrained personnel, we can get 200% profit if the suit is made of poor quality. In accordance with amendments of 1999, elimination of product defects must be conducted immediately. Imagine, for What does it lead? Immediately – it’s like? Within hours of the day, two days? It turns out that the buyer receives the legal right to claim liquidated damages at once. Even if the breakdown of complex products is a serious and objective of the seller could not provide. When returning goods, the buyer can not produce the receipt for his purchase – just witness the fact of purchase.

I know of cases where goods are bought cheaply in the market, and then, upon detection of defects in the surrender stores at a higher price. Of course, the seller can not agree on such an exchange, but it’s worth Torginspektsiey threaten it, as he surrendered to the mercy of the buyer – to check the store will bring a disproportionately large losses. visitors to achieve their even easier. By law, the plaintiff may require the consideration of litigation in the court of residence. Think about it – go there a lawyer in Moscow trading company in Vladivostok? Rather, the company will pay compensation immediately, so as not to suffer. If an unbiased reading of the above, then very likely you can draw the following conclusion: Become quarreler and you will have to respect in the service sector, by definition.

New York Police Council

Or someone attracted to suspicious transactions your firm, and refused, “insulted” the businessman counted stack of banknotes assassin. Or or or Option set, even the most improbable. So how to walk in this minefield? Wisely and carefully. Commensurate with, anticipating, anticipating Before I go on the highway of domestic business, not out of curiosity about the conjuncture prevailing in that sphere in which you intend to apply our strength, resources and abilities. Learn about pricing, supply and demand, the prospects, about who ‘reigns. ” And the main thing here is probably not a ‘who’s who’ and ‘who’s who.

” In other words, the persecuting their goal, try not to trip over someone else’s. And only after the most meticulously analyze the make the first steps. Then the risk of fall in the war unknown soldier will be significantly reduced. Often accompanied by the bloody outcome and looting. People are sometimes so painful to part with his stuff that they recklessly trying to hold him without giving away an armed professional who is capable of killing without hesitation.

For example, the New York Police Council amateur night walks to keep in the pockets of a certain amount of American money, equal to the cost of one dose of drug, so that when an unwanted meeting could quickly disperse. And you try to disperse and not to disperse, unless, of course, do not feel at his side a real force that can radically change the situation. Power, not truth. There could be no mistake, but as soon as the one on your side, do not rush to enjoy – take a look at that another. These tips are relevant not only in the situation with the robbery And finally, you can kill by accident. That is not to kill because you are bad or too good, but because they got to the place where the murder: shooting, explosions, fights, etc. etc.

Consumer Rights – Legal Services

The Russian Constitution is the supreme and fundamental law of the state, has the highest legal force. The Constitution of the Russian Federation remains the basis of the constitutional order of the State protects the right and freedom every citizen, the federal structure of government, as well as organizing the top state authorities of the country. The Basic Law is intended to ensure the rights of our citizens. In continuation of the principles of the Constitution, in their development, the Law on Consumer Protection. The Law on Consumer Protection regulates in detail the rights and duties of the seller, manufacturer, artist and consumer.

Protection Act consumers – is an invaluable support to every citizen of our country, because we are at every turn, sometimes without even realizing it report, we conclude the contract of retail sales, consumer work contract, etc. The Law on compensation for losses or moral harm you should consult a qualified lawyer who will review your situation, make a competent complaint to the seller, manufacturer, artist, will help to consumer expertise, if necessary, to prepare a lawsuit in court and presented the your interests in court and won a court case. Consumer rights – is to take care of the state, but expressed this concern in the creation of supportive policy, legal framework establishing these rights and helping to protect them. State can not guarantee every citizen the protection of any means other than the title, so everyone should know their rights and be able to defend. But it is in theory. In practice, the citizen is not burdened with knowledge and jurisprudence can not effectively protect their legal rights, so in most cases the consumer need a lawyer. In practice, the 'self' can lead to the fact that despite the existence of legitimate reasons the court may render a decision on your claim is not in your favor, just because you do not own court arts process. Legal advice, legal assistance in court, just needed a situation where you just decide that you need to win a lawsuit with an unscrupulous manufacturer, seller, contractor.

Procedure For Non-pecuniary Damage

'Know the laws – means to perceive not only their words but also their content and meaning' – said the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. Under the provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine, in particular articles 32, 56, 62 and the current legislation, natural and legal persons are entitled to compensation for moral (moral) damage caused by violations of their rights and freedoms and legitimate interests. The right to compensation for moral harm is an important safeguard the rights and freedoms of citizens and the legitimate interests of legal persons. According to paragraph 3 of the Decree of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of Ukraine "On judicial practice in cases of non-pecuniary (moral) damage ' 4 of 31 March 1995, under the moral harm is to be understood non-property losses due to moral or physical suffering or other negative effects caused by natural or legal person illegal actions or inaction of others. Under current law non-pecuniary damage may consist, in particular: the humiliation of honor, dignity, prestige or reputation, moral feelings in connection with health damage, in violation of property rights (including intellectual) rights granted to consumers and other civil rights, in connection with the illegal stay of remand and the court, in violation of normal vital connections because of the inability to continue an active social life, violation of relationships with others, upon the occurrence of other adverse effects. Under the non-property injury to entity, it should be understood non-property losses, which came in connection with the humiliation of its reputation, infringement of trade name, trademark, trade secret disclosure, and also the commitment of actions aimed at reducing the prestige or undermine confidence in its activities.

Professional Procedure Code

But no, when it went from idle chatter to a real compensation for property damage, public machine once again began to put obstacles Following the instructions Ch. 18 "Rehabilitation" of the Professional Procedure Code, victims have filed suits for damages caused by unlawful harassment from government, but it turned out that, according to the Kirov Themis, do not write codes for judges, "the internal belief" is more important. All professional court unanimously refused, stating that the case should be resolved within civil proceedings. Following the instructions of the judges, Stanislav A. and Alexander appealed to the civil court, and in return have been rejected in making the claim. Judge Minaev ev (Again, apparently forgetting about the law and applying to his "beliefs") considered that such matters should be resolved within the framework of a court order, simply refused, thus the right to rehabilitation and Chervyakov Mokerovu. By the way, "orders" of such in our country Only 4: civil, criminal, arbitration and constitutional That meant a judge Minaev, to this day remains a mystery.

At present, it is a judge filed a complaint to the Kirov regional court. Consideration scheduled for December 3, however no assurance that the regional court has "suddenly" decides to stand up for victims there. It is worth noting that none of those who prepared the "evidence", published materials in the media and, in fact, spent "Investigation" and tried to send to jail the victims had not been punished. One gets the impression that the state, since the scoop, and have not learned to recognize his mistakes and take responsibility for them. Is the only way to protect for citizens is to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights? Do Kirov judges believe that an attempt to cover up the mistakes of the "colleagues" from the neighboring departments, it is worth the risk of "glorifying" the city in the European Court? Do they really believe that no one will dare to go beyond their regional clan "masters of the law and destiny? After all, it is absolutely clear that the claim will be sent to the European Court and the decision will be based on law rather than clan solidarity. The answer to these Questions we seem to get is 3 December 2009.

Stay Alert in the Legal Realm

During special events may be stopping vehicles outside of fixed positions to test driving and registration documents, as well as documents on the consignment. Prohibited to stop vehicles unless necessary. The driver, who knows these rules, will feel in a conversation with the inspector dps much confident and the first thing to ask the inspector, it is the reason for stopping (unless, of course, not stopped at a stationary post DPS). Not be amiss, too, have on hand the document – it is clearly stated, how and what to do dps officer in a particular situation. 3. If you can – take to the road recorder and a camera (you can use a mobile phone camera, if its parameters allow you to do distinguishable images). Keep them alert and, depending on your situation, use. 4. Keep a pen and paper, where you can write to the inspector, who, in your view, had exceeded his authority. Each dps inspector carrying duty, must have a chest token, the number which you can later identify the employee. Often difficult to make out the first words spoken to the driver (and this is the fulfillment of the Inspector responsibilities are clearly and distinctly imagine) but about the handwriting in the record to say is no longer necessary. In addition, you are entitled, and the traffic police have to produce on request a service identity, from which you can also get the necessary information (of course, writing it in the notebook is available at hand). 5.

If you are not traveling alone and it came to drawing up a report with which you disagree, want to record the details of your witness (es). Required, even if your companion is a close relative. Once again – the court will evaluate the evidence in totality. The above recommendations will certainly not protect you from illegal actions by officials, designed to ensure order on the roads. My primary goal as a lawyer – to instill in you a little confidence, “lay” sequence of actions that is universal for any situation. Remember that your goal – the maximum record for all time “communication” of the circumstances that subsequently can be regarded as evidence of your innocence. Maintain consistency and composure during the conversation, no matter how ridiculous you have not seemed the charges. Take a “timeout” for online consultation with a lawyer on the phone. Clearly set out their claims, in case of failure to meet them – note this in the protocol. Do not engage in legal discussions with staff, remember that you have with them have different goals. Especially do not try to “play” in the judicial process in place. Along with This, I note that in any structure is as “good” and “bad” as decent and not very much. Also the drivers. Think about how, with what face almost any staff dps on their work, especially in days of the seasons and changing weather conditions. Therefore, in any situation you will have a much greater chance of a successful outcome, particularly if we see a man behind him – an employee.

Tax Police

addresses a requirement that the provision jur. address at the firm had no less than 6 square meters. meters of space and small office was not recorded hundreds of firms. Even a joint raid conducted by representatives of the then Tax Police and the actual members of the local tax inspectorate. True no specific results are not gave. What is the legal address? Jur. address – this is a concept consisting of a set of documents that meet the requirements of the registering authority, and allows to register the new entity at that address. Sometimes there were very clever fellow, who managed as a jur. address indicated, the St. Petersburg or Moscow, no street, house number or structure, but characteristically, they succeed. While the standard legal Consultation on all these species was reduced to the following addresses – the location of a firm is a place of its state registration in accordance with the Civil Code.

Address registration of a company is determined to Based on documents provided by jur. address. All And this explanation suits all. There were certainly moments associated with the fact that where we should send invoices, the requirements for inspections (which is rare, but still sometimes happened, usually the most common interaction with the tax inspector was due to improper filling of the declaration, when the chief accountant phoned or wrote a letter to urgently provide the correctly filled in the calculation tax). Therefore, in addition jur. addresses the organization had for public use so-called postal address, usually shot at the post office box, if the landlord could not officially grant the premises.