The Presence of Insurance

And if at first it is zero, then the time of putting the building up and by the time of deposit of its tenants reaches its maximum. The problem of insurers – carefully keep track of this period, gradually increasing the sum insured. – What influences the price of an insurance policy? – When selecting […]

Czech Republic

If you receive this type of visa is already possible to legally live and do business in the Czech Republic. When a visa extension, already in the Czech Republic, a foreigner is permitted to long-term stay or residence permit. Residence permit is given for 2 years. And if staying more than 5 years in the […]

Russian Federation

With the specified time the citizens will not be able to dispose of such housing in its sole discretion. It should be noted that the lcd of the Russian Federation has limited the proportion of the population in the realization of this possibility. This right can benefit only those who got their houses in the […]

Purchasing Goods

Many trade companies conduct advertising campaigns: when buying such a product you receive a gift. But if you examine their financial statements, it appears that the cost of ‘gift’ is included in the price of basic goods. And the imposition of something in burden the law prohibits. The consumer buys a product with a ‘gift’-load […]

New York Police Council

Or someone attracted to suspicious transactions your firm, and refused, “insulted” the businessman counted stack of banknotes assassin. Or or or Option set, even the most improbable. So how to walk in this minefield? Wisely and carefully. Commensurate with, anticipating, anticipating Before I go on the highway of domestic business, not out of curiosity about […]

Consumer Rights – Legal Services

The Russian Constitution is the supreme and fundamental law of the state, has the highest legal force. The Constitution of the Russian Federation remains the basis of the constitutional order of the State protects the right and freedom every citizen, the federal structure of government, as well as organizing the top state authorities of the […]

Procedure For Non-pecuniary Damage

'Know the laws – means to perceive not only their words but also their content and meaning' – said the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. Under the provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine, in particular articles 32, 56, 62 and the current legislation, natural and legal persons are entitled to compensation for moral (moral) damage caused by […]

Professional Procedure Code

But no, when it went from idle chatter to a real compensation for property damage, public machine once again began to put obstacles Following the instructions Ch. 18 "Rehabilitation" of the Professional Procedure Code, victims have filed suits for damages caused by unlawful harassment from government, but it turned out that, according to the Kirov […]

Stay Alert in the Legal Realm

During special events may be stopping vehicles outside of fixed positions to test driving and registration documents, as well as documents on the consignment. Prohibited to stop vehicles unless necessary. The driver, who knows these rules, will feel in a conversation with the inspector dps much confident and the first thing to ask the inspector, […]

Family Code

Unfortunately, in life there are mistakes and not always correct decisions, but if we can not prevent them, then fix it, or minimize the consequences of our power. One of these common mistakes, this ill-conceived divorce. In life there are light and heavy-case scenario, if the first case, no children and the common property, the […]