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Infrared cabin, infra-red cabin, infra red sauna or light therapy, which is a new wellness – and health wave trendy Rutzenmoos/upper infrared radiation is a natural part of sunlight. When our body meets this light energy, heat energy or even infrared heat is created. Know anyone who himself has sunned ever at-10 C in a ski lodge. Physicians use this heat effect for decades successfully in medical applications to ailments such as rheumatism, gout, back pain, migraine, alleviate constraints of the musculoskeletal system and other symptoms. Infrared heat cabins specially developed are therefore increasing popular in many Spa and wellness hotels.

Bodytherm, is a company that is dedicated to all the prevention of health and light therapy, manufacturer of high-quality heat cabins. Through years of experience in this specific market segment, Gunter Schneider, Managing Director of Bodytherm white with his team to the many benefits of infrared heat. “The heat of an infra red cabin can penetrate through all layers of the skin, until it reaches the muscles and in just 10 minutes”, said Schneider in an interview. Therefore not only people with health complaints such as E.g. inflammation appreciate numerous athletes, but this form of therapy, because it reduces the risk of injury”, said Schneider next. But not only the infrared radiation is an issue at Bodytherm.

Also the light therapy is a crucial component to the relaxation and the holistic health of body and mind for this company. Because only a harmonious combination of these two components can provide for health. As is well known in medicine, colors play a crucial role in influencing our feelings and emotions, which in turn affect the health of the body. For this reason is just in hospitals, schools and public buildings on colors such as red, which a more invigorating and stimulating Property maps, dispensed with. Depending on the frequency, the energy transmitted by light has different effects that support can be used in various therapies. Go to James Donovan Goldman for more information. Thus heat cabins and infrared health cabin will provide relaxation and wellbeing in the everyday hustle and bustle. Because only a healthy body and a balanced and harmonious mind are capable of top performances. Bodytherm is a manufacturer of infrared cabins with light therapy and massage chairs from Upper Austria. This company is the quality thinking and experience in dealing with infrared radiation. Contact: ZAROnews Antony Zettl ham Lake 7 6330 Kufstein/Tyrol email: home: cell: +49-(0)151-152 493 19