North Road

Another gesture of concern for car owners is the possibility of organizing a round the clock work of individual inspection items. In 2009, in order to discharge large influx of drivers who wished to pass inspection, the authorities organized a similar campaign at three stations (on the streets Spandarena, 60 October and the North Road). […]

Tips Traffic Police

Reasons why the hijacked cars, not so much. Somebody just wanted to ride with the breeze on another "Iron Horse", felt the blood rush of adrenaline, and someone – it is in most cases – you need someone else's machine "Business" (stripped for parts or whole and sound, it can be sold). Because the automotive […]

International Autotransport Forum

On the last day of the International Autotransport Forum in Moscow were the winners of all-Russian contest for the best truck and bus of the year. This year, the Minsk automobile plant in the contest, said the truck MAZ-6430A9, equipped with a six-cylinder inline engine jamz 650.10 (Euro 3), and the urban middle-class low-floor bus […]