Asefarma Question

Madrid, 08/10/09. Asefarma ( in his eagerness to be up to date on the issues that concern pharmacies, and due to the prestige gained through his 15 years of experience in the market, has taken advantage of the invitation to an event with Trinidad Jimenez, the Minister of health and Social policy, to ask him directly by two topics in which there had been numerous inquiries from customers and friends. Thus the things Carlos Garcia-Maurino. Partner director of Asefarma and present at the information meeting Forum Europe, asked two questions that interest, and much, to a sector as important as the pharmacist. 1. Believes pharmacists as healthcare personnel and support in influenza A and if it is so if they are going to get vaccinated as such?.

To this question the Minister has replied with a Yes, but no pharmacies are a very important health personnel that carry out a large logistical and information support to the citizens. But nonetheless, and despite being delighted with their work, not this referred to your vaccination as the personal risk. That Yes, you may do so privately, as any citizen. A response with which Garcia-Maurino disagrees. If pharmacists are health personnel, they should be with all the consequences and why they should get vaccinated along with the rest of his colleagues in the health sector, especially taking into account its direct exposure to the patient and to the citizens. 2. Can objecting pharmacists to sell the morning after pill?. Both smoking and erectile dysfunction have often been associated with build up in the heart walls. levitra online uk viagra lowest prices Because of this, the different varieties of acupuncture were then developed and each of them has a fair amount of advantages and disadvantages to their credit. On the other end of the canadian pharmacy tadalafil classification scale are Class IV and V drugs which have very low blood pressure (hypotension) or uncontrolled high blood pressure (hypertension) as it changes the way blood flows to the penis and an erection is the result. In addition, Epillsrx offers customers even more cialis online mastercard opportunities to save by giving returning customers an additional 10% discount on all future refill orders. In this case Trinidad Jimenez has responded that power can, but that those who so will lose clientele. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Richard Blumenthal has to say.

It is not shown that the pill is an abortifacient method, and secondly because they have no legal protection. The ruling of the constitutional cover the conscientious objection of doctors and health workers in voluntary interruption of pregnancy. However, considers that there are 21000 pharmacies in this country and that if a pharmacy does not want to sell it for themes of consciousness that doesn’t do it, they buy it in pharmacy of to the side. That he understands that it will be a fraction of pharmacies that may object.In this respect the founder and CEO of Asefarma gives reason to the Minister. The law does not directly cover the conscientious objection, but if any pharmacy is desabastecida or has doubts about its dispensation, as it will be a small proportion of them, always can the patient go to the pharmacy of the side. Another thing is that you have a complaint and acting pharmacy inspection. According to the Minister, that would not happen, but we have our doubts, concludes Garcia-Maurino. About ASEFARMA: Is a global consultancy of pharmacies and pharmacists with areas of buying and selling of offices of pharmacy, tax, labor, accounting, financial, insurance, legal and strategic consultancy committed to finding solutions to the problems posed by the professional activity of the pharmacist, with a direct and continuous contact with their clients, who advises of the innovations that occur in all the above-mentioned areas, and how they affect them both to your pharmacy. Note to journalists: for more information or interview request please do not hesitate to contact us. Nuria Coronado – Sandra Nozal – Tfno: 91 657 42 81 original author and source of the article.