Several Coal Flotation Machine

Mechanical flotation machines, jet flotation machine flotation column is and are widely used in coal preparation plant. They have their own advantages for separation of fine particles of coal in different coal. Jet flotation machine has the following advantages: 1. Large quantity 2 handling. Simple in structure and easy maintain 3. No mechanical mixing structure […]


There is a new colonization by powerful countries and that they use third world countries to obtain funding. Decline of the economies turning ena weak economies in developing countries. Participation of foreign capital in weak economies further reducing their child support because the revenue of these companies are going to give accounts of their partners […]

The New York Times

It seeks to ensure that millionaires paid at least the same percentage of their profits to middle class taxpayers. The proposal is called the rule by billionaire Warren E. Buffett, Buffett. The plan to reduce the deficit that will pose on Monday to the U.S. President, Barack Obama, Congress will include a new minimum tax […]

Spiritual Intelligence

The book spiritual intelligence of Ramon Gallegos Nava, have brought me very good knowledge, I think these books are very consistent with the time, the application of this knowledge has been deteriorating or have led better with the study of these books and strategies to implement them in people as spiritual human beings, conscious, with […]

Asefarma Question

Madrid, 08/10/09. Asefarma ( in his eagerness to be up to date on the issues that concern pharmacies, and due to the prestige gained through his 15 years of experience in the market, has taken advantage of the invitation to an event with Trinidad Jimenez, the Minister of health and Social policy, to ask him […]

Europea Events

They were part of Metis who were exiled in Buenos Aires, when the Spaniards implemented a kind of ethnic cleansing, to avoid repetition of rebellions of Tupac Amaru, which one of his lieutenants, would integrate the hosts of Artigas, evidencing the vessels communicating that were forged between the silver and the Altiplano.Debe recognize that current […]

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are surveys placed on web pages that pay users for completing them. There are some specialized pages that allow you to register and make as many surveys as you want. They pay you an amount of money for answering paid surveys. The amount of money will be different according to the survey and […]

ICT Authorities

What have been some of the reasons that has led to this lack of quality in the education of these universities? We could point out among some: profiles of professionals ill-defined, not adapted to what reality requires absence of teachers with responsibilities, well-defined, involving quality in their knowledge, pedagogy, proactivity, innovation creativity, vision little integration […]