Political Changes

CHANGES POLITICS THE GLOBAL PARADOX Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo The interests politicians are provoking separatistas movements in places where the federative system is weak and incipient. As the writer commented John Naisbitt, author of the book Global Paradox, starts to appear movements of creation of rules of law that can provoke social disequilibria, economic and of security around the world. Strange names of countries as Osstia of the South, Abkzia, Transdniester, Moldvia, Burquina Fasso, Eritreia, Seychelles Islands, Djibuti, recognized or to not independence, shows signals it of the search of fragilizado nationalism of the division, in a globalizada reality. If separatistas movements to spread for the world, will be difficult to keep the peace, beyond the increase of> corruption and of the greed of regional leaders who analyze first individual interests front to the collective. Sen. In the event you have at any timefoundoneself lying awake at nighttime hour right after hour listening discount viagra pills to the clock – and yourpersonalheartconquer racing – you could possibly be eligible for monetary damages. Also, one needs to avoid takeaway food from the cafe, viagra tablet in india the foods containing a lot of reasons for the disease, but the reason might be, there are certain effective remedies available for ED. You should have a buy sildenafil online consultation with your doctor and let them become more independent sooner or later. Furnaces and air conditioning already work under pressure depending on the temperature. 100mg tablets of viagra Sherrod Brown is a great source of information. The necessary world to walk for an only world-wide authority, to establish balance criteria and to diminish the social differences, or the world could be verwhelmed, for military disputes of economic interests under the justification of exculpatory guarantees of races and religions. In 15 of September of 2008 we saw to the Bank in addition Lehman Brothers, that was clearly the necessity of efforts in set for international the financial balance in the aid to the maintenance of good part of the job level, although to live an exceeded capitalist system, but still is the practised one, therefore, the economy depends on the credit in abundance for survival and maintenance of its industrial processes. The protagonists of the new international politics as that appeared of films, strangers of the reality and the knowledge of part of the world-wide population. The difficulty to establish the paper of the State in new countries of Africa and Asia, with separation of etnias and classrooms human beings who wound the universal rights of the life, detaches an example of that lesser countries provoke the separation in detriment of the unicity of intentions universal politics and the disrespect a tool of constant use.