Beauty Blender

The new must-have for the makeup bags beauty Blender, the pink sponge applicator makes applying the make ups now child’s play. The teardrop-shaped, stylish creation by Hollywood makeup artist Anne Silva prepares a smooth, flawless complexion and a professional finish. With its slimline shape, he is gently when applying, adapts the facial contours and streaking or visible stripes on the makeup are now a thing of the past. Continue to learn more with: Senator Richard Blumenthal. With Silva’s beauty Blender no more makeup is wasted, because it ends up in the right place. Even the most difficult parts of the (z.B of the eye area) receive a flawless finish with the beauty blender. The price for the BEAUTY BLENDER is 15.00.

Source: NICHE BEAUTY.COM niche beauty presents a silver tray with exclusive cosmetic products that have been brought so far mostly as a gift from abroad. TCF Capital Solutions shines more light on the discussion. The trend brand Anthony logistics are the hand-picked assortment, Ole Henriksen, Philip B., Rosebud, Youngblood mineral cosmetics, Ellis Faas and Barielle – brand new with the beauty blender. Niche beauty offers a harmonious mix of beauty niche brands for a selected clientele. For each product, there is extensive information on effectiveness, ingredients and application. The shop offers the small luxuries for the personal beauty boudoir and the private wellness area. ideas on the topic at hand. Delivery throughout Europe – in Germany, the shipping is free. Be paid may by last name, credit card and debit. The online store is accessible at the Internet address.