Czech Republic

If you receive this type of visa is already possible to legally live and do business in the Czech Republic. When a visa extension, already in the Czech Republic, a foreigner is permitted to long-term stay or residence permit. Residence permit is given for 2 years. And if staying more than 5 years in the status of residence permit can apply for permanent residence or permanent residence. Simultaneously with the assignment of the alien status of residence permit or permanent residence status and assigned Evrorezidenta, which allows travel in all countries of Schengen. And is there life not in Prague? For those who do not plan to live in the capital, may be useful to this information. In recent years, increased number of people who live outside of Prague. Many of the new come say that to live in the province has become better.

Attitude of the indigenous population is good, people are quiet, no hustle and bustle of the capital, and everything necessary for life, exists in the province. In the Czech Republic there is no gap between capital and regions, as is the case in Russia and cis countries. Recently, our compatriots are showing increased interest in usti edge. The spa town of Teplice, more often appears in the questions asked by our company. And is there any sense directly to buy an apartment? Or maybe stay godok differently? yes and benefits whether such a purchase? Of course, the acquisition of real estate on your firm is not legally guarantee of the status of residence permit automatically, but The human factor has not been canceled! When submitting documents for long-term visa, consider your company, and if the firm will be engaged in real estate and have already acquired it, met all necessary conditions are met: The company actually working with the property. Registration of candidates for 100% real.

And therefore legitimate grounds for denial is simply no! And now, on the merits of the financial question, consider a family of three: 1.Arenda apartment in usti Region 6000 eek per month (This is no utility bills, pay them as necessary for the rented apartment and for her). Moreover, Intagra prevents the blood from flowing back, which not only results to erection but also makes it difficult to regain the lost self confidence and ego. levitra sale Moreover, the stomach produces generic viagra no prescription certain acid to digest the food. After following procedures, coronary angiography is performed free viagra sample – Post Heart Attack – It may be used after the heart attack where the supply of blood is blocked. It becomes very easy to buy levitra in canada has helped legions of sex-deprived men to satisfy the women during love making. Expenses for the first year would amount to 72,000 kroner (2,770 euros). 2.When signing a lease agreement to pay "Kautz" – a pledge master Apartments for property in the apartment and the owner for loss of profits, if you move out of the apartment before the end of the contract. Typically, this amount is not refundable and will be 2 price of employment, including utilities. Plus the cost of hiring- real estate agency for the selection of apartments in arendu.Itogo: 3h6000 = 18000 (690 Euros). 3.Po you visit with your family need somewhere to stay, to find apartments for rent. Take a very short time – 2 weeks for 600 euros / day. Obtain 8400 (320 Euros). 4.Rashody on registration of the company 1500. 5.Rashody to prepare documents for residence permit 3h400 = 1200 Euro. Total first year turned out 6,480 euros. In addition, property prices over the last year have increased by 15-20%, and continue to grow. That's about a financial side of the issue of immigration to the Czech Republic. And, possibly, a ready solution, "an immigration package 'would be more beneficial for you, because the price of packages for immigration and residence in the town of Teplice start at 13,000 euros. And when you buy the package you have already will own their apartments, which will significantly reduce your costs further. We hope that the information provided by our company will find useful.