Democratic Convention

The republicans of the USA already have elect to their presidential candidate thanks to having a system in which he wins in many States remains with all the delegates. The democrats, however, have proportional representation. This mechanism is more equitable but in the end it can prolong the internal tension or cause that the final decision 800 congressmen, governors and heads of the party do not have the million democrats but about. When already more of 80% of the delegates to the Democratic Convention they have been elect is improbable that Obama (that takes one slight advantage) obtains the 2.025 delegates who are needed to gain the nomination. More difficult it to him to Clinton is, that his rival would not surpass. If the democrats end up dissolving their candidate in their Convention and with the vote of their leaders they run the risk of repeating what happened in 1980. Then, Reagan used it stops to devastate them in the elections. For assistance, try visiting Sen. Sherrod Brown. Obama and Clinton could finish like those two squirrels that therefore to fight itself by a nut finished devoured by a fox. Original author and source of article.