Federal Government

The project was elaborated in four weeks. The research was carried through domiciliates in it of the interviewed ones that Gomeses RN be situated in the city of Luis. I interviewed poor families who are benefited by the program Stock market Family. REFERENCIAL: The program Stock market Family was created to support the families poor and to guarantee they right it to the feeding, the access the education and the health. Details can be found by clicking Richard Blumenthal or emailing the administrator. In all Brazil more than 12 million families is taken care of by the Stock market Family. According to BARROS, (2011, P3). The regular intake of pills helps women who are on blood pressure or cholesterol medications can not soft tabs cialis use this drug, much better not to try it to prevent side effects resulting from drug interactions. Perhaps buying that purchasing viagra online one day the heroic Navy SEALs, the same ones he lauded on Thursday, will face charges as well. It is a kind of drug that does cialis tadalafil online check here not only make people experience dangerous side effects but it can also cause death. PC World, well known technology magazine, reported earlier this month the generic cialis cheap Department of Justice cracked down on a very popular illegal pharmaceuticals website and six men were charged with illegally distributing drugs through an Internet pharmacy. The intervention of the State in the social matters is understood for Social Politics existing, to compensate the decurrent distortions of the process of capitalist development, it discriminates and it makes in the distance with that between rich and poor either each bigger time. The families in the society capitalist does not make use of equality of conditions being that poor they tend continuously to reproduce the cycle of the poverty: low educational level, me the feeding and health, instability in the job and low income.

When unchaining social politics, the State looks for to equip the chances between rich poor persons and, diminishing in the distance between these two groups and allowing that the new generations break the cycle of the poverty. In accordance with BARROS the Stock market Family was created in the attempt of at least diminishing the abyss between rich and poor. But it has people in the society that has a negative vision saying that the children alone go to the school because of these programs of the Federal Government, without if worrying about its education. It has people that they comment that on the contrary of the Government of the almses, offered work so that gains money with its proper sweat. References: BARROS Ricardo Breads of, FOGUE, Miguel Nathan I, ULYSSEA.