Independent Execution

100 of the decided CF/88 is applied or not to the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute in desfavor of the Public Farm. After the collection and analysis of data, concluded that the lawyer not only can, but yes he has the right in executing the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute of independent form of the main value, as it makes use Law N. 8,906/94, considering that the thesis that defends the acessoriedade of the honorary sucumbenciais is established in art. Paulo Coelho pursues this goal as well. 20 of the CPC, that is of 1976, that is, previous to the Statute of Law and OAB that, in turn, it established, express, that the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute belongs to the lawyer, having this legitimacy to execute its honorary ones of independent form. Thus, if not applying to the execution of honorary made use 8 of Art. 100 of the CF/88, it has seen the mount of money honorary not to have the same title of the value being exequendo main. Joyce Banda might disagree with that approach. Word-Key: Legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute independent Execution Public Farm.

Necessary Of You

Necessary of you I am dying here without you, each day that if pass my heart ache more, I never imagined that the life without you would be so difficult, already I tried some times to go behind you but they hinder always me, always of something missed my love, but not if preoucupe, then we will be together, I wait that he hinders nobody me of this time, I am not supporting more to be without you, everything that I see, everything that I touch remembers you to me, each situation something to remember, either one fights or a smile or one of those even though its tricks that I dissimulated only not to like that I loved more that everything, but I wait that they leave me to enter where you this, wait that I deserve to be where I know that you this. I wait that he pardons me to God finding for you before the certain moment, but this alive one without worse you and who the death, I will not pardon never my love, I would have to be in that car and not you, I would have to be deceased, not you, you age have broken of me, you you are part of me, you wait that this poison that volume now is strong the sufficient so that I can be soon its side. Many had said that I would go to surpass, but, when you if were, part of me did not die, waits that it pardons me to God therefore and it allows me to be its side, but exactly that he does not allow, I prefer the death to be in the life without you, I I was not playing when he said that he would die if he happened something you. as I repent myself not to have said what I felt pra from fear you, but wait that it knows how much love I you, independent of where am I love I you I love, you, our love exceeded the borders of the life, life without possible you not and..