Gold River

Breaking with the old resistance that bind us to the past, to embrace the power of the new and miraculous. From a very tiny our elders have taught us that at all times of adversity, the men we have no choice but to resist. Resist the storm which swept over our lives. Resist economic adversity. Resist against the doors that are closed to us in their faces. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Blumenthal.

Resist against the wrong, and perhaps replicate it with stronger words. Withstand the ridicule of the world, always waiting our failure. Resisting our pride upset, because that person who gives love back. Resist, resist forever, "until I go fell hard" as he would say my godmother Hilda, a woman of incredible temper, the kind that are rare on this planet. But you want me to confess a secret, that the angels in their eternal wisdom, have left us. We must resist the destination, then create more resistance to change. And learn to change in these times faster, it frees us from old ties and old beliefs that limited in learning what come to us again. They, the angels, they say that if we accept our fate and we instruct the power of the Infinite (Infinite say, but you can name it, The Creator, The Lord, my Father in heaven, or whatever name you know your heart) This supreme power living in a mysterious way in all creatures, through laws that do not understand, as they are currently far from our reach mental and spiritual.